My daughters dad hasn't been around in months: Advice?

My sons dad hasn’t been around for a couple of months he has other kids from a previous relationship, he is now in a new relationship which I think is the reason he’s not around , he claims he’s not around because he’s on cps, and being watched by them he tells that he’s not allowed to be alone with his kids because they think he’s depressed, but he still has them and that someone is supposed to live with them because of this, or they will take them . I don’t understand how he’s going threw cps and is not allowed to be alone with his kids as he says but hasn’t gotten them taken away?


Each safety plan is different. He may just have a rule that he’s not allowed to be alone with them

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That doesn’t make sense. If he was supposed to be supervised it would be in a center and the kids wouldnt be in his home.

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If that was the case, and you have a kid with him… you’d know about it, they would have notified you and set up a parenting plan/arrangement for your kid as well


Daughter’s dad or son’s dad?


He doesn’t want to be a dad. This is his excuse of the year.

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If he isn’t allowed to be alone with them they would’ve been removed to someone else and he could be given the chance to live with whoever has them and yes I do know what I’m talking about

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If cps were involved, you would be notified. Period.

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It is possible that he’s telling the truth. I had cyfs watching me for 5 months when my son was born. They told me that I had to live with someone full time and not be alone with my son for any longer than 2 hours or I would have lost my son. The being alone for no longer than 2 hours got lifted when my son was 2 months old and I was allowed to live on my own with my son when he was 5 months old onwards. I still have him to this day

Dude sounds like a piece to me and your kid more than likely better off without him

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CPS doesn’t prevent you from seeing your kids because you’re depressed. There’s more to this… But if CPS does have a case on him for something else, it may be in your child’s best interest that he not be around him right now.


Do you! Be the best mom you know how to be and live your life. PERIOD WHO HES WITH, how many kids he has, where he lives, works or spends his time has nothing to do with your role as a mother. Don’t bash or bad mouth him to your children. Focus :100: in you and your child. You get 1 life. Children get 1 childhood. Enjoy every moment of it.

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He is lying, if that were true with your children you would be notified 100 percent. If you haven’t he is full of crap!

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Cps was involved with my mom because she was on drugs. She wasn’t allowed alone around us but still lived with us. She was able to do so because my grandma lived with us so technically she wasn’t alone.

And for everyone saying you would be noticed. You wouldn’t. Especially cause it’s not y’all child the case is open on. It’s his kids.

But even then, my dad didn’t even know we had a cps case open because of my mom.

They don’t need to notify you of anything. It is very well possible.

And if he isn’t coming around because of that, then it is respectable. Because only then at the point will they open a case involving your child as well.


Cassandra Hooks this made me think of you!!! My truest <3

Sorry but that makes no sense!!! I know every person’s case is different. But something is wrong there

File for full until stuff gets straightened out.

It’s called a safety monitor and it’s usually a close friend or family member. You have to complete a case plan including all
Applicable classes in parenting, drug counseling, and mental health.

It sucks either way. Give him time and hopefully things work out for the better.

Yes totally possible. And if he has a case on him, i would find it in my childs best interest to not being around until he is stable enough to do so.