My daughters do not appreciate anything they have: What can I do?

My daughters don’t take care of anything that belongs to them, and I don’t know what to do. My daughters are 7 and 8. This past Christmas, my husband and I spent thousands on gifts for them. Hoverboards, a dollhouse, bikes, the HUGE packs of Lol Omg dolls, a basketball hoop, and just so much more. We’ve never been able to do anything that big for Christmas before, and we were so excited to see their faces Christmas morning. We just wanted to make it special because we’ve all been locked up for a year because of COVID. We just wanted them to have options here at home to stay active and not be bored out of their minds all the time. But they don’t take care of any of it. I’ve found LOL doll’s heads lying around. One broke a tablet she got for Christmas, and the stuff just isn’t taken care of. I mean, we worked so hard and sacrificed A LOT to make that Christmas happen-we were more than happy to. But now their birthdays are coming up on the 16th and 26th of this month. But I’m really to the point I don’t want to buy them anything other than an outfit and a pair of shoes or something. I’ve tried talking to my daughters about why it’s important to take care of their things, I’ve tried threatening to throw things away, I’ve even taken stuff away and put it in my closet and told them that if they want it back, they have to start taking care of all this stuff. I told them I wouldn’t be getting them anything for their birthdays because of this behavior, and they sobbed. I don’t want to raise kids that become brats and spoiled. But I feel like we’re making a B Line in that direction? What would you guys do in this situation?


A thousand dollars on two kids???

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Take them out on birthday and Xmas to deliver presents to street people instead…see a different side of life


Take it all away and make them earn it back. If they dont learn now they will have to learn when they hit rock bottom and u arent around to save them


Stick your ground… or you’re right. They will end up entitled little brats. Coming from a mama to an entitled almost 7 year old(20th this month) so I feel your aggravation mama :woozy_face:


Honestly it’s on you guys as parents to teach them the value of things. If they don’t care about them and take the fact that they’re getting gifts for granted, then you have to teach them how to appreciate what they have and how to care for their things.


Once the stuff breaks don’t rebuy again my daughters learned this way I don’t have cash to keep buying the same stuff and add to it until u can prove ur responsible with ur sutff then I will start buying u more… Worked for me

My son acted up for the last time and every single toy went out into the shed until he earned things back slowly. We haven’t really had any issues since then. He’s only 4 and picked up on it. Your girls are definitely old enough to know better and knock it off.

I would buy them each and outfit and a pair of shoes.


Just dont give up on the lesson. Its an important one. Best of luck!


Was the tablet in a protective case/ cover.

Was there a box for all the lol dolls.

For a couple that spent that much on toys but not storage or protective gear for tablets is odd.


I’d take every toy they own n put it all away. Show them what it’s like to have absolutely nothing n maybe they’ll learn to appreciate it all. I’ve done it to my daughter.

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Just stop bying that’s all.It’s not their fault,it’s yours.


Biggest mistake was wasting that much money. If they’re not going to respect their own stuff they’re going to end up not respecting yours. Nip it in the butt n stick to your guns


My 14 son as broken all his stuff iv got him for Xmas phone earphone TV ect… so today for his birthday all he got clothes, trainers and a cake… Told him I cant afford to by him stuff he’s going to break x


Have a garage sale all the toys i notice my kids dont play with we sale if they dont take care of something or they have acted like its there and can do anything they want with it have a agarage sale thats what ee did we didnt sale everything they were left with a little bit if toys and all there books but had to sale there toys and it worked they sat there and sold there stuff and we did that when they were 8 and 6 and there 16 and 13 now and since then have taken care of everything and christmas time they save to buy gifts and to give to the needy since we did the garage sale it works soynds kinda mean but it works

I would not replace anything until they can take care of I’ve done this with my own kids it’s their responsibility to take care of the nice things that I work hard to provide them with and eventually it sunk in when I quit replacing as far as birthdays go I always buy my kid one present for their birthday some may not agree but with both their birthdays so close to Christmas one in Dec and one in Feb that’s just what we do and I go all out for Christmas it works for us … I also break it down to them when things get destroyed or lost like I worked a whole day to pay for that or however it breaks down make them understand a little bit

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Put half toys up a few months later change toys out should do it makes clean up easier

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Take it all away. Before their birthday get them an outfit and shoes. Give them back things a little at a time as they deserve it. If they don’t end up deserving it after x amount of time then donate everything. With my girls I have them go through their things every 6 months or so to donate to less fortunate the things they keep end up being important to them and they care for those things dearly

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Don’t give them birthday gifts. Tell them to pick a shelter, charity, etc of their choice and have them donate to it. Whether that be raising money or donating their own toys and clothes. Tell them this year their gift is learning what selflessness and gratitude is. This is a teachable moment, take advantage of it!