My daughters do not appreciate anything they have: What can I do?

It’s called being kids they do this it’s what you signed up for after all??:rofl::rofl: there too young to have that type of stuff so least to say it’s more fool you for splashing out when there so young and dont yet understand you should have saved it for a time they do appreciate it I’m sure you knew this before right

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Stop giving them everything & start giving them giving them boundaries


Do activity gifts. Like a trip somewhere or an art /pottery class, whatever they’re into. Be sure to tell them why you opted for an experience gift over a material gift.

So. I can guarantee they have always been reckless with their belongings. This isn’t a new thing and you know it BUT you still decided to go above your means to spoil them and think they’re just going to suddenly start to be more careful and appreciative? Nope. This is on you 100%. You failed to teach them and you failed by spoiling them with material items instead of life lessons.

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Sometimes things just break? Did you buy insurance on the stuff? My 11yr old broke her tablet and only had it for 2 weeks and the hover board stopped working she had it for a few weeks too​:woman_facepalming::exploding_head::woman_shrugging:, sometimes we just have to suck it up, but also teach our kids daily that we just don’t always have money to replace the items, so now my kid deals with it but I don’t bash her for it, I’ve had ny fair share of accident like spilling milk/soda

I would sell all the big stuff and take everything else away and tell them why they would get the everything else slowly start acting that way again I would start trashing it

We spend several thousand on Christmas gifts and really go all out, but our kids have always taken care of their things. If they don’t appreciate what they have, it’s time to cut back. I also give our kids an allowance to help them understandmore about money. Sometimes they don’t realize the value of things until they start spending their own money to buy them.


It’s sounds odd that this is a behaviour that they just started. This is probably something they have done but you chose to notice more now that the things you bought cost a lot more money. Consistency. And most of all don’t make empty threats!


I’d make them play with what they have

I always put things away and then take them out as something new to play with when they get bored with the other toys we donate/consignment. We did a big christmas this year to and a lot of it is put up for snow days and rainy days :grin::grin:

They’re 7 and 8, I’d give them a little leeway. Just don’t replace it if it breaks and make sure you provide adequate protective coverings for electronics. Get them the usual for their birthday or maybe get second hand stuff (because at that age, they couldn’t care less if it’s actually new and you’ll feel better if it’s broken). Life is hard enough and sometimes kids break stuff. Don’t use their first birthday after a mess up to teach them a lesson.


Do exactly what you thought of . An outfit and a pair of shoes . Giving kids so much ( I did the same thing ) only makes them less appreciative. At Christmas , I would suggest getting them 3 gifts each . I’d get one main gift and less expensive gifts . ( the main gift need not be costly ) . They will appreciate what you give them much more ! When they are grown up and see how you’ve sacrificed for them , they will truly appreciate ANY thing you do for them . Mine are now 32 , 28 and 24 and are so appreciative! Trust me in this one !


Take it all away. All of it. Slowly give it back as they earn trust.


Oh a bit OTT. When kids have more than “everything” they don’t appreciate it. Less is more.
Children don’t want things, they want your time.


Girl mine have no respect for me and the things I do for them I wash their laundry and dry it hang it only for them to pull it off and throw it on the floor. So I decided they can start putting it away teach them but nope. Now it’s well I had a bad day or I’m tired so I’m at the end of my rope. I feel like not even washing it anymore and letting them do it. It’s so frustrating. Mine are 11 and 9 and I wasn’t like this with my mother. They are currently grounded for not doing the one chore that they have to do.

Take them all away and have them earn them back by doing things around the house.


Take the kids to a poor area of town and let them drop the gifts you are sharing off.


We go all outish for xmas. But buy one or two small presents for bdays

Personally, that’s all I would buy them too…an outfit and a pair of shoes. If that’s how they treat their stuff, then why spend hard earned money on stuff they don’t treat like garbage. My mom did it with me, and I learned to appreciate the things I got

Firstly, as much as you love them, you do not need to spend thousands on a multitude of gifts. Put that money in a college fund and tell them. If they don’t take care of their things, make them bag it up and in person take it to a church donation center. Also have them volunteer where they physically see those less fortunate. 7 and 8 is old enough to teach the value of time, money and material possessions.

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