My daughters do not appreciate anything they have: What can I do?

I was an ungrateful brat when I was 7. I remember I got to open a gift early on Christmas Eve and I picked the biggest one

It was from my mom… I was so excited. I opened it and it was a fluffy pig bean bag, it was velvet honestly thinking back it was pretty cool because it was huge!!!

I acted like it was nothing. I didn’t want it. I wanted to open another gift.

My mom died not even a year later after this and that pig bean bag became one of the most loved things I’ve ever owned. I cried like a baby when it ripped.

Honestly. I’ve never acted like a brat during gift giving again. It taught me a lesson.
They just gotta learn mama, that’s pretty much it. One year don’t get them as much or do a year where it’s only homemade gifts…


You need to take a step back and take a break on getting them stuff. Giving a child everything they want, tend to become unappreciative. My 12 and 8yr old are becoming like this. I knkw we want to give them everything we never had but I think its doig more harm then, idk that’s just nu opinion.

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I wouldn’t replace anything they break. They’re kids. Shit happens. If you’re tired of them not picking up their toys, I would start telling them if you have to pick up the toys, around a certain time you’re coming clean, anything left out, you’re throwing away. (Follow through with it) they will ketch on you mean business

Stop Giving them anything. Start let them earn it.You all talking about all You are buying them. WHAT about Your Time. SIT down and talk to them. Spend a Day with them.Thats all most Kids want Your Attention.

Maybe that stuff was just overwhelming for such young girls and they don’t understand the value of it? Some kids aren’t ready for high tech toys like hoverboards and tablets so young. The doll heads are doll heads, cheap plastic expected to break after a bit and shouldn’t be a big deal. I think you had good intentions, but they just aren’t ready for that.

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My kids have broken their PS4 controllers and headsets they were all told that you will get one replacement for each and then we will never buy you another because you don’t take care of them. Phones they don’t leave in the cases and screens break and we apply the same concept, once the phone is broken and no longer works that sucks but we won’t buy another one. They then have to earn and save their money to buy whatever it is they want. It sucks to be the bad guy but I’d rather be the mean mom who teaches you to respect your stuff versus the mom who gives you anything and everything all the time. Just my opinion though.


Half the stuff I got my kids for Xmas didn’t even get taken out of the package… so I put it away and wrapped it for their bday. Start regifting them until they start acting right :smirk:

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So I’m gonna say something that’s different then most people here. Buying a lot of things and “spoiling” your kids doesn’t mean they will grow up entitled and bratty. Kids are kids. They break things. I know some moms (mine aren’t old enough just yet so I haven’t personally) who had to buy basically like an Otter Box or Lifeproof case for their tablets because kids will drop things. Kids will rip heads off dolls while playing even if they are $2 dolls. Some of that sounds age appropriate. Kids kinda destroy their toys. Maybe find toys related that are cheaper? They may not know the difference in quality but will still love the gift and you won’t feel like you wasted money. And then just talking about respecting toys and taking them away for some time if they can’t play nice. Never buying gifts for them, cutting back on what you do for them, or making them feel awful is NEVER the answer. You can have nice things, get a lot of toys, grow up with lots of things, and still be respectful. I know it’s hard momma but you got this. There’s a lot of harsh comments but I don’t believe in mom shaming those who wanna spoil their kids because 1. They never got to and would love to or 2. Grew up that way and are a respectful adult and wanna do the same…it’s not about cutting back. It’s just about teaching them. You got this :blush: every kid is different too of course


Follow through actions have consequences


Maybe start with not spending thousands on them??? Lord.

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Keep on spoiling they are just kids give em a break I’m sure you was that way growing up

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Stop buying. Set limits to gift lists and price limits as well. Make them pick out and donate to the less fortunate or you will.

Stick to your guns and only buy them things they need for their bdays. Clothing, socks, new toothbrushes/toothpaste, etc., “old school” toys to play with outside like jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, cheap stuff you can get at dollar tree. Until they can start being responsibile, that’s all they get.

Nip it in the bud now or you will have your hands full in the coming years!

Consistency and life lessons is all you need!!!

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Girrrrrrlll take all their shit away and leave them with the bare necessities! A few outfits (not the cutest ones) and a pair of shoes and a pair of sandals. Tell them nothing in this life is free and if they want their shit back they’re going to have to earn it back… (in my exact words) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: not really but yes take their things away. I know the feeling of fearing that you’re raising ungrateful little shits. Luckily my two are pretty damned great. I’ve taught them to appreciate anything and everything, sometimes however I do have to remind them which I assume is normal. And they’re kids… they’re allowed to cry and throw tantrums just don’t give in…

I think at that age they are reckless and don’t understand the extent to what you did for them. I’d focus on teaching them to be appreciative of what they have. Spend time not money. Activities together as a family. Maybe eve volunteering together as a family. They are young and you can bounce back from this. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

Tell them how it’s not ok to be careless about toys and if they continue to do so they won’t have them

Stop making threats and follow through!

When my oldest continued to treat his stuff poorly at around the same age I literally took EVERYTHING away. Every toy, every book, every game, every movie, etc. ALL OF IT. He was left with not a single material thing except his bed and clothes.

The rule then became he had to earn them back one item at a time. If he messed up and disrespected his property again, he lost it ALL again. It took a little over a year for him to finally earn everything back but he learned quickly to treat his property with respect.

We have 4 golden rules in this family and breaking a single one has consequences. But they grow up better people for it.

Rule number 1. Respect yourself
Rule number 2. Respect others
Rule number 3. Respect property
Rule number 4. Be kind


First off it’s Covid . Second no matter what . Way to much stuff . I’ll get my kids stuff and it takes them a year to be even interested or play with it in normal daily play. Also 2 girls . My one daughter makes so much mess my head spins . That’s what they do. Depending on there personality they just don’t have that attachment factor . I only buy based of intrests

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I did this. My daughter is 6, and she destroyed everything she touched and her birthday was 25 days before Christmas. Got the whole family on board and she only got clothes - no toys. If you want what you say to matter, you have to make it matter. Kids see empty threats for exactly what they are. They’ll sob, you’ll feel bad and you won’t follow through and it will set a precedent for the future of being able to walk all over you. You’ve said it, you need to do it! And make sure the family is on board too cause kids know how to play adults off each other

Kids get too much so they don’t appreciate things Cut back especially toys They have so much they don’t know what to play with


Sadly my 3 year old is like this now. I’ve made empty threats and I’ve also trashed broken toys before. Sunday she got in Wal-Mart and noticed a Star Belly from TV and showed her a$$$$ :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: of course we bought it. To sayless that’s her last toy until summer. I call the shots :sunglasses: