My daughters eyes twitch a lot: Advice?

My daughter will be turning three this month, and The last couple of days, she’s started blinking/twitching her eyes when she’s talking or even just sitting by herself. Has anyone else’s child do this? And did they stop on their own, or what did you do about it?


Go to her pediatrician. May be nothing, may be a tick, or she may need eyes checked? But get her checked out… (if it’s sporadic, try to get a video to show her doctor)


I would see a medical professional and get their advice.

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Could just be a nervous habit. My daughter used to do this or even make a humming noise. Her teacher told me many of the kids do it and grow out of it.

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Before you get scared shitless from all the “opinions”, I would definitely just take her to the Doctor and get her checked. Most likely need an eye exam first. Could just be glasses needed, possibly. There’s several different things this can mean. So don’t get yourself worked up over nothing possibly.


My eyes do this and mine is from fatigue. Too much screen time or something causing her to be tired?

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Omg why don’t people just call the Dr. You know they have an emergency number for after hours if you are that concerned?


Go see a doctor asap

You should take her to a professional asap, there’s so so many reasons why that can happen and is irresponsable ask about your daughter’s health in social media…

This may be a first time mother that doesn’t want to think she is over reacting why is everyone attacking her??? I would most definitely see a primary though it could be seizures or just a minor issue but better safe then sorry!!!


One of my grandchildren did this.turned out he needs glasses!

It could be nothing or dry eyes or something else. Either make an appointment with your primary or go eye clinic.

Take her to her pediatrician immediately. It may be a neuro issue.


Could need an eye test or can be a sign of low vitamin maybe B12 or Vitamin D…Sometimes its caused by bit of stress or dry eyes…I get it sometimes used to be bad but not so bad now…It doesn’t happen that often now x

Not to scare you but it could be a sign of a seizure disorder. I’d contact your pediatrician and get her checked out or get a referral for a specialist if needed. The only reason I say that is bc I have a non-epileptic seizure disorder and my eyes twitch when my stress level is high and I’ve only started having this issue since having seizures.

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Could be a lot of things. My niece had over active tear ducts and blinked a lot!

At least 90% of the time it’s nothing. I’ve worked in optometry for 21 years and we get parents coming in quite often with this concern. My own son did this at 3 himself. They usually outgrow it. The suggestions of vitamin deficiancy is correct as well as dryness. But I’d take her to an OD just to be sure. Have them do a cover test and make sure her pupils are equal size.

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I would suggest a trip to her pediatrician. Could be a sign of Tourettes Syndrome. My husband has had Tourettes since he was little, and it started with eye twitches and making gutteral noises.

My son started doing weird, blinking stuff and I took him to an eye doctor. With all the technology these days (tablets, gaming devices, phones, school laptops) , his eyes are super strained. He needed glasses.

My son says his eyes feel so much better. The only challenge now is getting him to wear them full time… He is almost 9. :blush:

This happened to me when I was a kid and the doctor said it was just like a growth spurt thing and I’d stop on my own, and I did. I’d still get it checked just incase, but just know it could definitely be nothing to worry about!