My daughters father has randomly come into her life and wants more time: Thoughts?

I’m so lost and so confused i just don’t know what to do. I have a five-year-old daughter, and her father left her life when she was two. He just recently resurfaced and has a new wife. We agreed on visitations every other weekend, and then he started wanting her every weekend, and then he kept her for an entire week; now he wants her four days a week. The problem is he isn’t even home when she is there. She stays home with his wife, who we just met 2 months ago, and she has been spending more time with her father’s wife then she has with me and I’m so hurt over this situation it feels like he is trying to keep my child there longer for huswife to raise and I don’t know what to do how would you handle a situation like this


Ummmm. No…say no. Stand your ground. Get a parenting plan in place asap


Sounds like you need a court custody order.

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Go to court and get a set visitation schedule that way he can’t just keep her from you


Is he working? If so think about this, if you were still together and he was at work he’d only see her after work so why not have the same opportunity at his house. I would, like others say, put an agreement in writing if you are fearful of him just taking her however, I wouldn’t deny normal dad time just because he is working


If you have no court order then no, dont let her go till you do. Possession is 9/10ths of the law often. Google Custody Rights and terms for your area. And with mo custody order irder in place make sure that the school or daycare have it in weiting that your child resides with you and that no one may pick up or remove her from school but you.


Sounds like he’s establishing a story to fit his narrative so he can go to court and say he has her over 50% of the time so he doesn’t have to pay child support.


Hell no! I wouldn’t have let him pick and choose when he wanted to be a dad in the first place if it was me, but he needs to be around when she’s over there! You shouldn’t be co parenting with some woman u just met!

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Ask them to sit down and talk them. As long as everyone involved cares about your daughter, three adults should be able to do that.
Be honest. And kind.
I feel like as her mother you have every right to feel all types of ways.
But it should be manageable.

Ask for back childsupport, and court ordered visitation.

stand your ground. get a court custody order.

If he has been consistently back out should be 50/50. Period

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Time will tell. Absolutely no rush into allowing things to happen so quickly, protect your daughter. Let his actions speak louder then his words. He has a lot to prove. My gut says NO.

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File in court and only supervised visits with you until then

Go to court and set visitation in place.

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You need to stop this now before he ends up fighting you for permanent custody. These ‘visits’ need to be set up through the courts he’s playing you. You could end up losing her for good. Don’t play this game with him.


Court is the best way to go

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Stop letting him have her for so long then. Hello if there’s no court order why are you allowing something that you don’t actually want to happen…


Stick with the every other weekend as agreed upon. Just my opinion.


You stop this bull now with XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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