My daughters father has randomly come into her life and wants more time: Thoughts?

I would say no if you don’t have a court order and only allow her there when he is home


He is trying to establish a pattern so he can ask for more time when he takes tpue to court.


Every other wk end and maybe 2 nights mid wk when he hasn’t got her at the wk end…
Ur baby girl needs consistency and routine… and so do u… make an arrangement stick to ur guns. And don’t let him tread all over u and bully u to get what he wants.
His relationship with that women is still very new. And I think u need to meet this women and get to know her too. Good luck


If I was the mom I’d do the every other weekend deal or weekends.


Uh. He was gone for years. So she only has to go when you allow her to. Stick to every other weekend. If you make it a habit for him to have her so often he’ll be able to use that in court to his advantage.


Dont do it anymore, every third weekend is fine, he was not their for her for years and now daddy of the year NO WAY, court but do it now


Tell him no. Say every other weekend and one day a week.


Court. Period. Get visitation in writing that way if he keeps her for longer than he’s suppose to, you have the law/that court order to back you up.


Stick to weekends or whenever he has days off. Get it stated in a legal court daccument so you are safe legally. Make sure it it says you have primary physical legal educational Medical custody and he gets visitations on weekends or whenever he has days off. Why? Because he was out of her life and who’s to say he won’t walk out again or try to take her from you. this way if you go to court you have a legal document backing you that he has to abide by.


You need to stop this now!!


Go to court and get a set visitation agreement.

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I would go through court and sort an arrangement that suites you both… speak to a lawyer and voice your feelings and concerns … because your daughter isnt too familiar with him having not seen him in a few years i would be first of all starting with maybe her going over every second weekend (if shes comfortable with that) or days that he is off and building up from there. Have you told him your concerns? Maybe have a chat with him and his wife and get some ground rules in place that you can all agree on.

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If there is no court order and his name is on the birth certificate he could take her for a visit and not return her. You both have 50/50 rights if there is no custody agreement. You should contact a family law attorney or go file for physical custody. Once courts are involved the daddy may end up with more time than you would like, but sounds like he plans to stick around now that he is married. Best of luck to you.


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If you don’t have a court order for visitation, get one. And I’d do every other weekend with alternating holidays.

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If there is no court order you are the primary care taker of that child every other weekend or not at all until you guys have court you could also say he isn’t using his parenting time and just leaving your daughter with the wife who you barely know if he also keeps her longer then y’alls original agreement call the cops

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I’d go to court ask for 50 50 schedule.

court for real get supervised visits

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Go to court and get mandated visitation. Then if he breaks the rules, he suffers the consequences.

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Take him to court now. The fact that he was gone so long will not bear well in his favor, and that way if he tries to refuse to return her, you can call the authorities for kidnapping.