My daughters father has randomly come into her life and wants more time: Thoughts?

Court. Let them decide. Let him pay you child support. And etc. Him keeping her for a week would have been the day I went to court


Tell him to take you to court for a visitation schedule. No time until he files with the court. Make sure you put in your custody agreement that you have the first right of refusal. It means if he’s unable or unwilling to care for her he has to contact you before involving a 3rd party. His wife is a 3rd party. If he violates this take him to court.


My ex is wishy washy for 6 years now.
All for his new GF did he want visitation.
I made him jump hoops to get that.
He didn’t show half the time and I have a super by the balls grip on our visitation paperwork.
After all that- 3 years later he has only been around 6 months.

Get the order.

No way! A woman you don’t even know has your child, and he hasn’t bothered in years…he would have gotten like everything other Saturday during the day to start, does the poor child even know who he really is?

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If he just started coming around and is pulling this, then he’s defiantly up to something. It’s sad to say but that’s what it sounds like. I would have a conversation with him on why he’s not around when he takes her and you feel more comfortable with him there instead of leaving her with a women y’all just met 2 months ago.

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I wouldn’t let her go unless he is there.


I would stick to every other weekend till you are more comfortable with the situation

I would do what’s best for the child but don’t make since him trying to get that much time and he ain’t even home I would talk to your daughter and see how she feels and where she’s at and if she’s enjoying her time over there and if she like having lots of time over there because in end it’s not about you or him it’s about her the child but yes that much time is crazy to me to maybe he’s just trying to make up for time he lossed who knows but y’all can always come to a agreement like maybe every other weekend and one day a week

U shoulda said no from the first day. Let him take u to court for visitation and ask for supervised. Thats like sending a child off with a total stranger even if it is her dad he has been gone for 3 years. Same with new wife she is even more of a stranger and alone with the child. Uh no way not til she knows them well and u are sure she is 100% safe


Get a court ordered custody agreement… and be careful, because if she starts spending more time there then with you, that may possibly be used against you… where I am from it can be.


see about getting supervised visits with him even if its you like it or not. or someone else especially sense father wasnt in life and hes not there when she is there… been there done that thats why i say what i say then my daughters father walked away because he wasnt getting what he wanted didnt like it .sad part is he didnt like it he walked away when she was between 3&5 and she is now 25 .keep like a diary when there how long everything she does over there weather they feed her or not. like time pick and drop off as on time or not.i did.

File with the court and dont let her go until then🤷🏻‍♀️ he could keep her and not give her back

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Court don’t agree to anything unless it’s on paper

You need to get a court ordered custody agreement before he decides not to give her back. Not sure why you would have agreed to 4 days in the first place.


The more people a child has in their life who loves them the better. You should be happy her dad wants to be in her life. That being said I wouldn’t give them more time than you have. Find a solution that’s best for your daughter but doesn’t take away your time with her.

Quit crying. Be grateful you have help.


Get court ordered visits immediately and don’t give in or change the plan. Every other weekend. Is he paying child support? Maybe he’s trying to lower the amount. There is a motive as you don’t just wake up one day and decide you want your kid. I hope that’s the case but chances are it’s not. I’d stick to every other weekend since he skipped out.

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Why would you give him your child longer and longer periods of time only to be there with his wife and not him? Sounds weird.


Duh…go to court and get a set up court arranged visitation.


I would be all for her seeing her dad but 4 days a week…absolutely not. Does he pay child support? Some men would rather have their child 50/50 than pay support. If u let him have her 4 days a week, u may be the one paying child support.