My daughters father married my ex girlfriend: Advice?

My daughter’s father recently married my ex-girlfriend (it is as ridiculous as it sounds) our daughter is only six weeks old, but he has visited 3 days a week. He has missed several with no explanation or call, when he does show up, he spends about 20 minutes with her and then leaves. We were all on decent terms until today. He didn’t show for his visit & his wife text me saying he was sick and couldn’t make it 2 & 1/2 hours after the actual visit time. I responded and told her that it’s HIS responsibility to reach out to me, not hers, and would appreciate it he would handle anything regarding our child himself. Am I wrong for this? I just don’t think its honestly her job. He should be an adult and speak for himself instead of just not saying anything. I go out of my way to contact him when I have to cancel & I feel he should as well

  1. Your history with her shouldn’t matter because that is now your childs stepmom.

  2. Yes he should be a big boy and use his big kid words and take care of his own issues.

  3. Learn how toncoparent now, keep it drama free, and just love your child and allow your child to grow up in a world full of love, respect and mutual understanding.
    Better for everyone!


I’m sending love…support & prayers your way…your going through overwhelming circumstances…I truly pray for YOUR HAPPINESS :broken_heart::gift_heart:

You are not wrong. Personally I would not want to talk to her at all.