My daughters friends family never invites her anywhere: Thoughts?

My seven year old daughter has a friend, whom she considers her best friend. We tend to have her over all the time, not really an issue. We’ve taken her to many events, dinners, etc. but she has never been invited to her friend’s house, nor have they invited her to do anything fun with them, and I know money is not an issue. The parents will tag in fun places they are, and I’m all for family days, it’s just a little upsetting that they’ve never reached out and say hey we are heading here so and so would love to see your daughter, but that has yet to happen after they’ve been friends for two years now. We seems to always be one making the attempt and taking her friend everywhere with us when we decide to do things. Do I say something and if I do how do I say it without sounding rude? Should we cut back on how often she sees her friend? I don’t want to hurt my daughter’s friendship by any means. She has other friends where their parents have become our friends, and everything seems 50/50 and fair, or am I just overthinking this.


If its not 50/50 i wouldnt bother with the friendship


I would talk to the girls mom and ask if she has issues with your daughter and why she doesn’t get invited to places


I think your concern is completely legit. If you take their child with you and host/pay/entertain her, then they should do it too. It’s not about tit or tat but just out of etiquette and thoughtfulness. I would maybe just say one day, hey if y’all ever want to take X out with y’all pls know I’m totally okay with that trust y’all and will pay for or whAtver. I would definitely be frustrated if I’m the only parent hosting and entertaining. especially that you say they go out and do things and can financial afford it.


Maybe their house isn’t suitable or they’re embarrassed a out something.


We used to have kids over all the time. Then they break things at our house and parents act like we are horrible people if we correct their kids or say anything. So, we simply do not have other people’s kids over often because our house rules never apply. Not saying that is the situation but a few bad apples made us leary.


When I was a kid my parents fought a lot and I never invited my best friend anywhere because of that. I often did Amazing things with her and her family and it’s those things I’ll never forget. Just think of what you might be giving that friend. You may not know the whole story.


MAybe their house is gross and they are embarrassed?

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Has you daughter mentioned anything ? If not I would stay out of it they are seven years old and obviously they have created an amazing friendship.

Dont over think it.


You can’t possibly be trying to ruin your SEVEN YEAR OLDS friendship over her parents not taking your child out, which they aren’t even required to? Lmao seek help.


Maybe they aren’t comfortable being responsible for someone else’s kid or having another kid with them in general


Maybe her parents fight and she is embarrassed. Maybe your house and family is her getaway.


So I am one of those parents who is a little different… my son is 8 and he doesn’t ever have friends over and we don’t take friends places with us… for his birthday last year he took one friend to trampoline park for his birthday… this sounds horrible but it’s my fault… I’m so worried that something is going to happen to someone’s child while they are on my watch that I don’t invite his friends to do many things… maybe she has anxiety issues like I do? But I also don’t let him go a lot of places with his friends either it really depends on who,where they are going and how far the drive is etc… but my anxiety is the problem and I am working on it!! Probably don’t help much but I wouldn’t get to upset about it… it probably has nothing to do with your child!!!


Why dont you 1st reach out to the mom about having the 2 families fo something together. My daughter has a best friend what we do is us moms arrange for a day where we both meet up at a fun place and hang out all together. Get to know one another better.

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Some people just aren’t the “open house” type of people. Some don’t want the responsibility of someone else’s child around and some are just awkward/antisocial people. There’s so many reasons on why someone doesn’t.

I wouldn’t take it personally and wouldn’t punish anyone.


Unless this friend is inviting other kids over to do fun things, I would not say anything. I wouldn’t take it personal, they obviously have their reasons for not inviting anyone over. Now if they are regularly inviting others to do stuff but not your daughter, I would cut back on the invitations to your home/outings.


My mom is/was an alcoholic so I never invited my friends over but I always went places with my best friend and her family. Dont mention it. And dont be offended. Just know that little girl will appreciate the time you’ve spent with her and letting her spend with her best friend.


Dont cut back on her seeing her friend that’s not ok.

I think it’s totally ok for parents not to have kids over or take on extra outings etc .
U choose to that’s upto you but don’t be so judging and quick to cut off a friendship of your daughter because they ain’t the same as you .


I never took my kids friends out when they were younger I had 6 kids of my own it would have been too much watching someone else’s child too


Maybe they don’t have any extra money to spend. You never know someone’s struggles and just because they make X amount of money doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of expenses.