My daughters opened slime in the store: What is the proper punishment for this?

I was at a small chain store that sells discount items with my Husband, my ten-year-old, our seven-year-old, and four months old tonight. We allowed the big girls to go find a small gift for their friend and continued to walk around. It’s a small store so we weren’t too worried about them doing their own thing because we could keep track of them pretty easily. At one point in all the excitement, we lost sight and went to find them. When we did, they were standing with an employee (I’m guessing manager, but I didn’t ask), and we were told that they had been caught opening slime and playing with it by another employee. When they were asked to stop, they looked at her and kept poking and playing with the slime. We were not asked to leave. However, we were told we would need to pay for the destroyed packages, so we grabbed our children, put their last bit of stocking stuffers back, and went to the register to ring up. When the manager came back with the slime, she had several packages (10 or more) and asked my daughters which ones they opened. My ten year old said two but quickly retracted her statement, and the employee said she witnessed them open one. Since she admitted to opening 2, we were charged for 2. When we got in the car, my very outspoken Husband was silent, and when he spoke, he made it clear that their devices were confiscated until further notice. I also added chores to the punishment until I feel they have paid back what they stole. I also picked out their friends gift for them and refused to let them touch a single thing at the next place we went to and had a very serious talk about the severity of the situation and how that can be considered theft. (I strive to educate them so that they can make better choices as they grow) My question is, what punishment is appropriate for this behavior? I’m so embarrassed and disappointed, and my Husband is furious. We have struggled to even provide a Christmas this year and this is the stunt they want to pull. My Husband wants to take their gifts back since they got phones and have already proven they can’t handle that responsibility. (I’m opposed to that specific idea but open to other suggestions) I’m lost, this is a new hurdle!


Everyone has an opinion. I think 7 and 10 are too young for a phone. Plus if your struggling I wouldn’t buy phones.


They weren’t caught stealing…just explain you can’t open thing’s in the store without paying

  1. It wasn’t stealing unless they attempted to walk out with it.
  2. You are just responsible for them opening the packages because you didn’t keep a watchful eye
  3. The punishments fit the misbehavior. So what’s the point of this?
  4. Explain to them that when you open things in a store they must be paid for or it’s destruction of property.

It sounds like you’ve already come up with punishment, making them do chores and taking their devices away.

Don’t take their Christmas presents back. That’s a bit extreme. But since they’re getting phones, they can open them, but they get taken as well until you’re ready to give all devices back


They didnt steal. They opened something and were playing with it. And I feel it is part your fault you allowed them to go look at stuff and even admitted you lost sight of them. Your the adult and it’s your job to supervise your children at all times which you didnt.


I think cancelling Christmas over kids playing with slime is a bit extreme. You should have been watching them so take your gifts back too. :woman_shrugging:


I think 7 and 10 is still a bit young for phone especially considering all the access to information on technology that could damage their youth but to each their own :woman_shrugging: however I think your being a bit dramatic. They opened a toy and didn’t think much of it. After explaining and making them do extra chores I think that’s enough education :woman_shrugging: it was just slime that stuff isnt expensive


If they weren’t stealing and just opening the stuff up I wouldnt be too harsh. Explain to them that opening things that arent theres is wrong and start teaching the value of money. I like the chores idea so they can work off the money they owe. Other than that I’d chalk it up to kids being excited in a store


I would definitely make them write an apology letter and have them deliver it personally to the store along with a spoken apology. For my children, there would be no Christmas stockings and would also be working off what the cost of the entire amount was (not just the two) and not be paying them with inflated earnings. Like 25 cents an hour


Uhm, it’s kind of your fault for leaving your children unattended. They are to young to understand and it’s your responsibility to teach them. Don’t think about how you can punish them. Figure out how to teach them. And phones for a ten and seven year old!? No way. They don’t even know they aren’t able to open something that doesn’t belong to them. How can they be responsible enough for a phone!?


Take away their Christmas presents (leave the cheapest one.) They will learn very quickly not to do that again, but don’t give back the gifts to them once they say sorry. Definitely return the phones for a refund


When I was a kid about probably 5 or 6 I took a candy bar from the store and when my mom found out she took me to the police station and let them talk to me about it…that scared me I never did it again


Koodo’s to you, Mom and Dad!! Make the phones part of the stuff that’s taken away.

Don’t leave children unattended :woman_shrugging:t3:


My 6 year old knows not to open things in the store… :thinking:


I think you did the right thing. I would also make them write an apology letter to the store.

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You let your young children run around a toy store unattended… And they didnt steal anything, they played with slime, bc they are children, left unattended, in a toy store, that sells slime. Not sure how you can be surprised or mad at the outcome


I think the punishments you already set were enough. You should have been watching them better anyways. Honestly, a lot worse could have happened like abduction so you should count yourselves lucky this didn’t end worse.


As a retail employee it’s really not a big deal for kids to open things. It’s frustrating for the company cause it’s money lost but it happens so much at the grocery store I work at. More than anyone will ever know.