My daughters school is giving her access to youtube and I am not okay with this: Advice?

So I’m having some issues with my daughter’s preschool. To start off, my kids are not allowed to watch Peppa pig or Ryans toy review, Well it recently came out that at school the kids are allowed access to youtube (other parents confirm this). It turns out that the school is letting my child watch the shows that we DON’T want our kids watching (we notice are kids act out more when they watch these shows). My daughter told her teachers she isn’t allowed to watch them and their response “that’s ridiculous; you can watch those shows.” I know some might think my kid is making it up, but these teachers also let our kids listen to the old town road song (again, other parents have said their kids said the same thing). My question is, should I just let it go, or should I put my foot down and say something? This isn’t the first issue we have had with these teachers (some parents have pulled their kids out of the school because one of the teachers is constantly stepping out of line and even gets rough enough with the kids it left bruises on one) This same teacher even told my daughter she was creepy for basically have a crush on one of the boys in class we’ve called the other preschools in our area and they all said they are not taking any new students. So now, it seems I can either let her stay at this iffy school and try talking to the teachers that don’t want to listen or pull her out till kindergarten.


What’s wrong with pepper pig


What kind of preschool is this


I would let it go cause she will get made fun of and singled out


Parents like you is why they can’t watch a movie and have parties at school. Parents like you is what ruins it for others.


Omgosh. Is this really a issue, this is in ever school in the country. If you want your kids that’s sheltered then home school them.


Doesn’t matter anyone else’s opinion on what your allowing your kid to watch and not watch. My kid isn’t allowed on YouTube at all. I would go to the school


Go to the principal and explain that certain activities at school is compromising rules at home. Its just like certain religious views. If its not allowed at home then the schools have to follow your rules. Just remember that making the school follow these rules will make it so that your children will be left out. Could cause social conflict with making friends.


You can’t report this to someone higher up than the teacher? This is crazy.

I would kick up the biggest stink ever, i to am like u and dnt allow peppa pig and also agree that nonsense causes them to act out. And why is that teacher still working there if they bruised a child, thats disturbing. Ur child ur rules


My son loves that song :see_no_evil::joy: peppas a little bitch and Ryan’s voice goes right through me so I’d be raging to :joy::joy:

Definitely say something. Peppa pig encourages bad behavior, because no morals are taught


You do what you want. Bottom line is that she will act out with or without Peppa Pig. You are the parent. Not sure if you can dictate what is shown in class unless a permission slip was sent home and you were made aware of it. If it is that serious then speak to them but understand that you are responsible for your child. Not a kids show.


You are the parent. You choose what your child is exposed to pull your kid out if they dont respect your rules. Find another school. Your child your rules.


Switch schools. Why are you paying for her to be on YouTube. I don’t agree with it either, I don’t like nick jr shows at all or YouTube. My daughter learned old town road this summer. I was really pissed bc her camp was $1438 to the dollar. I didn’t play that song once. But after seeing how happy it makes her and how EVERY CHILD at her school knows it by heart, I let it go. Go to the schools in person say you’re really having an issue with this school. Good luck.

You should’ve stated what the issue you have with it is so we can get a better understanding. Your child, YOUR RULES, but I am curious if anything else besides them acting out is going on, do you just not want them to have screen time yet? You’re mom and they should listen to you, id find another preschool or go talk to someone above them.

A teacher left bruises on a child? I teach prek. If I ever touched a student in anger my director would fire me, and rightfully so. I’d pull her.


Why are preschool kids watching YouTube in school in the first place? They should be teaching them through play, not sitting them in front of a screen. Also it doesn’t matter what their values are or what they think is ok or not. If a parent says no, it means no. They need to respect your wishes. You might wanna pull her out.


There are bigger issues to deal with than this. I would either let it go or if you really want your children sheltered that much then home school. Schools are not going to listen about something like this as it’s not a big issue, and lots of schools have electronic learning now.


I think you’re being absolutely ridiculous. It’s parents like you that raise school shooters. Poor kid. Can’t have a life. Gonna turn 18 and do all the shit you didn’t want her to. Believe me, Ryan’s toy review and fucking peppa pig is the least of your worries… good luck in the future… you gonna need it.
I said what I said.