My dentist told me my daughter had a tongue tie: Advice?

Has anyone dealt with a tongue tie with their child? Did you choose to have it corrected or wait and see if it corrects itself? My second child is a year-and-a-half, just went to her first dentist appointment and was notified that she has a tongue tie. It was never noticed by any other physician seen, nor has she has any issues with breastfeeding or eating and is in the stage of learning to enunciate. We’re going to get a second opinion [especially due to her not having any issues], but I’m just curious to hear other mom’s situations/circumstances and routes taken. [noted to add that I’m aware each child is different, and medical opinions are obviously taken into dire consideration, but I do believe some doctors are all about unnecessary procedures just for big pharma and insurance companies to make a few bucks off the hard-working families (Please don’t get me going on this subject ) ]


If it’s not detecting anything like eating or drinking then don’t worry?
My little one has a tie and it made starting BF hard but we got through it and she’s fine now

Tongue ties can effect pronunciation and articulation of words.

If she’s not having a problem talking I wouldn’t worry about it

Wait until the kid starts talking and see if it had an impact. If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t bother with it.

My son had tongue tie but had his clipped when he was 3 months old. It can effect speech later in life if it’s severe enough. His was bad but we didn’t have any issues with nursing either he just had a clicking sound sometimes and a friend pointed it out that he had it of course I confirmed with the dentist

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My daughter is tongue tied and is 30 no problem for her, but others vary

Tongue Tie Kids is a good group.

If it isn’t hindering speech or eating then definitely leave it! My 3rd is tongue and lip tied but we didn’t have anything done about it cuz he could eat fine. His doc told us they easily grow back… so we waited and he was perfectly fine. Just turned 3.

A lot of doctors tend to ignore tongue/lip ties. They can actually lead to other problems down the road with speech, jaw development and teeth.

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I would suggest having it clipped. They told my daughter it would cause speech issues. It was an easy procedure for my grandson.

My youngest did and it corrected itself.

My daughter was tongue tied at birth and they fixed it the day after. It effected her ability to nurse properly, which caused me pain to breastfeed. She couldn’t stick her tongue out. I’d say fix it earlier IF it has a chance to effect her speech.

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I’m 23 and tongue tied. Never effected me at all. I didn’t even know until I tried to get my tongue pierced at 18 and they wouldn’t do it. Kinda grateful for it thinking back now. :joy::joy:

My 1yr old has a lip tie but we have chosen not to do anything unless it causes him complications. My so has a lip tie also and his was never corrected.

It’s such an easy fix… just snip it.

That’s an easy fix. Have them lazer clip it and voila

My son went through this. The pediatrician wanted to wait until he was 6 or 7 to deal with it. I discussed it with our dentist and he took care of it when my son was three. It was very quick and pain-free. It literally took less than 2 minutes. I didn’t want to to cause issues with speech, etc. I wanted to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

My daughter had a tongue tie and it affected her speech big time. She wasnt diagnosed ans had it revised until she was 4. About a week after it was cut, she went from barely understood by family to understood by strangers. She was just diagnosed with a lip tie which has caused her two front teeth to not be able to come together, huge gap. I took my son to get evaluated just in case and he has both as well. He’s only 6 months so we’re taking care of them before he has the issues my daughter did.

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Just have the dentist cut it