My doctor said my son should be talking more: Advice?

My son is 2.5 years old and just recently had a check-up. It went well, but His doctor said he should be speaking more and saying more 2-3 word “phrases or sentences.” He does say a few two-word sentences, numbers, colors, shapes, and a lot of other “single” words. We do work with him with flashcards, writing w/ crayons, learning shows on tv, etc. He knows what things are & what commands mean. We do not talk baby talk to him. And he does not go to daycare. He’s very vocal, yells, screams, shows every emotion, etc. Have any other parents out there gone through this with their son? Do you think boys are slower learners than girls, and he will start speaking more sentences in time? What is your guys’ advice? Thoughts? Thank you.


Ill say this… its Definitely not a girl vs boy thing.


My 3 year old is only speaking 2-3 word sentences… he’s in speech class for it. And I notice a big difference in the little time he’s been there

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My boy didn’t say much till after 2, he picked up alot at 2.5 when I put him in daycare for 4 hours, I found he enjoys singing songs, like twinkle little star, alphabet and wheels on the bus, thats when he really took off with speaking. He was not a fan of sitting and learning, so we play games, like go find two red cars, and then I get him to tell me how many and what colour, and hes now says it all together, like mum look, two red cars. Maybe get him to repeat what you say, as they are great at copying at that age, and give him the chance to talk, vs asking him what things are, ask him an open question, like what do you want to do today, vs what shape is this. Hekped my boy get more confident with talking.


Put him in daycare he will listen to kids his age andlearn

I don’t know why you’re trying to make this a gender issue. Speech delays are common in both genders. I had a speech delay so does my daughter & younger son. My oldest son was speaking complete sentences by 16/18 months. He could hold an actual conservation by that age. It’s not a gender issue. It probably has more to do with genetics than gender. Did you or his father have speech or other learning delays? Your ped should’ve given you resources. If he didn’t call your local public school district. Ask them to evaluate him.

When in doubt evaluation is free and speech therapy or needed therapies are free and awesome!


I have been told numerous times that as a toddler I barely spoke and my mom got worried because of my age and lack of vocabulary… My uncle suggested to wait and see what happened for a little bit and that I probably just didn’t want to yet… He was correct, a few months down the road I started talking and wouldn’t stop talking lol. It may be just a lack of want some times. And my 2 older brothers started at normal ages and had no issues or delays.

Has he seen a dentist? He may be “tongue tied”.
My son was. He has ot cut when he was 3 and has been talking bon stop ever since lol. He also does speech therapy once a week.

Go see an ENT and audiologist. My middle child had the same problem and our ENT discovered fluid in her ears, after tubes and removal of her adenoids as well as a speech pathologist she is on track.

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Talk to him and read to him all day long❤️

Speech therapy can definitely help if needed.

Sometimes they just take a little longer to talk. Don’t sweat it.


Maybe get an evaluation and see if they think he could benefit from speech therapy. It can only help and it may help him talk sooner.

If your doctor was concerned shouldn’t they have referred you to a speech therapist for an evaluation


Does he still use a pacifier? Some people don’t realize how much that can slow down some kids with taking but think about it…if they always have something in their mouth they won’t have the opportunity to talk as freely. Just a thought in case he does use one.

Speech therapy. Mine was the same I knew what he wanted so he felt like he didn’t need to talk. Hes been in speech therapy for the last 6 months and he now talks all the time

We had my son evaluated and hooked up with early intervention, because he wasn’t talking hardly at all at that age. It was a huge help to us, and now he’s 7 and doesn’t shut up lol

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My son just started speech therapy today! I’m really hoping this helps with the daily frustration of not being understood when he tries to communicate. I would get an evaluation as soon as you can.

Speech Therapy is a wonderful service that’s available.