My dog has become aggressive towards me and my daughter: Advice?

We got a puppy last year in November. A French Bulldog. Everything was fine until he started being aggressive towards our seven year old, then towards me. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and it’s more now, not sure if this is why, but he’s tried to bite me several times. To the point where I decided he was no longer allowed inside the house. I told my husband this wasn’t working and I’m scared for the baby when he’s here and he might bite him. Hubby doesn’t want to get rid of him; we’ve gotten into multiple arguments because of the dog, not just towards us but we’ve had to replace tons of things he’s destroyed and clearly I’m the only one seeing that. Anyway, I sold his dog door so he wouldn’t stay inside. Hubby bought him one for the garage so he could have access to the backyard, he has a pen on the garage so he’s only on that space. Anyway, if I go get in the car he barks and acts like I’m a stranger. Husband spends more time with him than with us or our daughter. Today I had it, they went on a bike ride and my daughter came back with bloody knees twice because “he couldn’t watch her since he was watching the dog”. I was livid. I’m not familiar with getting rid of a dog or rehoming or anything but this one is just, something else. Any advice?


Keep the dog and re home the stupid husband


The dog definitely needs to go your husband needs to get his priorities straight which is you and y’all kids


Unpopular opinion here I’m sure, but the dog would be gone and hubby can go with him if he’s got a problem. I don’t have the time to dedicate to an animal, which is why I don’t have one.


It’s because your pregnant. My dog was the same when I was pregnant with my son. Soon as I had my son he got over it.


Call a rescue group.

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Have you gotten the dog neutered? Aggressive tendencies can start because he isn’t. Rethink about rehoming him and get him fixed or trained if need be.


Is the dog fixed? Male dogs can be aggressive if they are not fixed. I have a pit bull that I got when he was 10 months old that did the same thing got him fixed and started walking alot and he is such a big baby now. Dogs need lots of exercise and attention. Putting in a kennel won’t help at all it could make it worst.


You’re pregnant with a boy and your dog is a boy, it’s competing for dominance through your hormones. I had a female cat when I was pregnant, and my hormones were really strong and she started hissing and pissing on all our stuff to show dominance so we had to get rid of her aswell. For the dog you are its owner and in his eyes he owns you, being pregnant is maxing the terostarone(idk if I spelled that right) and it’s as if he has to compete for it. I had several vets tell me that about my cat so we had to get rid of her unfortunately :sob:

I won’t have dogs in my house that constantly try to hurt me or my children. Period. But on another note, it might benefit everyone if the dog was taken to see the vet. Our chihuahua had two claws that became ingrown and got infected. He was lashing out left and right because he was in pain. That may or may not be the case but it’s worth a try.


Your kids are more important than a dog. Any dog that tries to bite me is gone, tries to bite my kids and it’s a dead dog


Is the dog neutered ? If not then have that done and take him to training if your husband does not have time or want to make the time to do this then the dog should be rehomed. Keeping the dog isolated outside will not help the dog get less aggressive.


Call a rescue group, rehome him. I understand why the dog isn’t allowed in the house, but also having him live in the garage is not okay. He needs a family.
I have friends who are pregnant and their dogs didn’t get aggressive during it. But every dog is different. Is he nurtured? That could be part of it if he’s not.

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Sounds like you need to get rid of the husband not the dog


Sounds like you need to get rid of the husband too


I had to re-home both of my dogs after I had my daughter. I raised the first one since she was two months old and the other from 4 weeks old. the first one was about 6 when I had to re-home her because she snapped at my daughter when she was about a year old. I waited to re-home the other because she was much younger (about 2) and thought my first dog was just getting older and wasn’t used to small children. huge mistake. my younger good ended up attacking my daughter about a year later. some dogs are just not family dogs, either from lack of exposure, old age, or bad experiences in previous homes. I’m not one to speak on married life, but I can speak as a parent. it’s better to re-home the dog than wait or love in fear of an attack. yes dogs are family, but you wouldn’t leave your cold with a family member you were unsure would act violently towards your child

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Try getting him fixed and sending him to obedient school.

Get rid of hubby and his dog


Puppy’s destroy things - they are little kids. If ya didn’t know that, why’d ya get one?? It sounds like your house has a lot of tension and the pup is probably picking up on that, they are more sensitive than we think. It will be also picking up that you don’t like it and acting out maybe? We got our pup when our youngest was almost 6 months old so not sure re the pregnancy but he did destroy things but was never aggressive. He’s a big softie. Maybe he needs some training and some stimulation? Also love and to not be locked outside!


Sounds like you need someone to help you train the dog