My due date is a few days short my my sister in laws child she lost: I'm scared to tell her

So I just found out I’m pregnant and my estimated due date is a couple days off from my sister in laws angel baby that was born still born last year. The baby unfortunately came too early but her original due date was a couple days short of mine but a year apart if that makes sense. I’m nervous to tell her the dates. This wasn’t at all planned to be that close. I feel bad.


Just gently tell her. And be understanding when she gets upset. Just reassure her u love her

I wouldn’t be afraid to tell her. I lost a baby when she was 4 months old :cry:. Years later, my cousins daughter was born on the same day that my baby passed. She asked me to be her Godmother. If anything I just makes her more special to me :two_hearts:


You can also make her the god parents and in our ways (native) we believe the child is coming back through your child


This isn’t something you shouldn’t hide or be afraid to share. I have two grown kids and one that I lost. You can’t plan a due date. Not possible. Don’t go over the top when you let the family know, be respectful of her loss and remember you deserve this joy and happiness.

Just cuz its ur due date doesnt mean it will b born on that day I’m sure shell b happy for u just comfort her

Hopefully she can see the beauty in this new precious life


Just tell her the month then or (early, mid, or late) of that month… or you can just tell her the date and ask her to be there or the God mother… also due dates aren’t always accurate

My brothers daughter was born the day my daughter died


She could view it as a positive thing. Like it’s a sign from her baby telling her he’s okay. Ya know ?


maybe just give give her a ball park when your baby is due. not all babies come when are suppose to anyways.

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Speaking from experience. My 1st daughter was born preemie and died 17 days later of complications. Around the time I went back to work several of my co workers were afraid to tell me they were expecting. I was touched that they were hesitant to share their news but still happy for them. What happened to me was unexpected but I was still able to find happiness for them. Of course she will grieve the would have beens and could have beens. Just tell her face to face if possible and let her know her feelings matter to you. And remember her baby. Say his/her name. All moms want to know their child mattered to them and others. Bless you and congrats on your new bundle


Its hard having a baby due on a day thats remembered for loss. My sisters due date is the 2nd anniversary of my grandmas death and its been hard on her. Its not like you planned your due date so hopefully she will understand.

Dont be afraid to tell her, but also be there for her if it hurts her a little. Just make sure shr knows shes loved and that you understand if shes upset/hurt.

My friend s had a still born she came to our sons baby shower held him had s baby nine months later but gently told them they didn’t have to come earlier they chose to come I’m sure she would be happy for u

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Why it happen in god time

Don’t be … it’s sad to hear of her loss but surely she wouldn’t think you did this on purpose. I hope she is excited for you … and don’t remind her of the date… move forward .all the best to you and partner

My best friend and I were due a few days apart. I miscarried and she has a gorgeous little girl. She was hesitant to update me but I’m so glad she did. I was happy for her, and our family has grown now - at its own pace.

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I went through something similar. I lost my son May 2014 and my sister told my husband (not me) that she was pregnant, on Mother’s Day. It hurt so much. I lashed out because I was hurting and in so much pain. I apologized to her later, though I still feel it was poor taste to tell my husband instead of me (he was hurting too, but she wanted to tell us and was afraid to tell me) and on Mother’s Day.
From the mother of an angel, just tell them. You don’t have to say the date though if you think that will be painful. Just maybe say ‘I’m 2 months pregnant’.

I see why you would be nervous to say something. Just make sure you’re there for her when you tell her. Im sure it’ll be mixed emotions for the both of you. But just remember, you can’t control when your due date is. She might see this as a good thing.