My ex brought other women around my kids while we were together: Can I use that in court?

Ever since my soon-to-be ex-husband moved out, my daughter’s have been telling me of the women he would bring over. They are four and 6yo, so the conversations usually go something like, “… dad’s old girlfriend…etc. etc.” There is one woman I specifically used to ask him about, and he would get mad and accuse me of not letting him have friends. My question is, I am filing for full custody because he has repeatedly abandoned us over the years, leaving me to care for our children financially and every other way- if I brought this up as part of my argument in court, will it have any effect? As far as gaining custody, has anyone ever had the odds in their favor because of the spouse cheating? If so, how? Thanks in advance.


Depends on the judge. Some don’t care.

No u cant lol now ur looking for revenge hahah


Nope, the judge doesn’t care about the exes personal life only if the child’s wellbeing is in danger or compromised in any way.


If you’re not together, he gets to date. And as long as he isnt having sex or doing drugs in front of them, or making them call these girls mom, you dont get a say in who he is around when he has the kids. Court will look at that as being vengeful or petty. You need to show that you have moved on and aren’t worried about him, only the kids.


Well if he did these things while you were married, you may not be able to bring it up for your custody case, but I’d be looking into Alimony when your divorce comes to court!


The courts wont care. Just probe that you are looking after all aspects of the childs welbeing- physical, mental, emotional, social, financial etc and have the proof. Nothing else matters.

NC laws are if a spouse cheats and you have proof, you can not only get full custody, alimony, and will be able to sue for abandonment… Idk where you live, but in the south those cases for the spouse being cheated on have won.


Well if they do that to women cause the wx husbands or ex boyfriends complain, I’d think they do the same for the women who say that about their ex husbands or ex boyfriends

His friends or romantic issues has zero to to with his ability to be a parent. My ex would meet girls online and have them come over while my daughter was there. My issue was from a safety standpoint and the judge told me that his personal life was not relevant.


“Repeatedly abandoned us over the years”…so he left for a few days and came back…That’s not abandoning someone. He cheated on YOU not the kids…unless the kids are in danger, don’t hurt them by taking them away from their father…why not 50/50 joint & legal…


Around here, they don’t give a shit bout that kind of stuff

Nope. It is a 4 and 6 yr old saying the stuff. Unless you have proof it’s he said she said


If you want to look petty go ahead.


It won’t help you get custody but you can absolutely put rules about bringing women around in your custody agreement. Ours says we must meet new partners before the children do.

Actually you do have a say in this. You can make it to where onmy blood relative can be around them. I did with mine

Wow, talk about finding ammunition. He cheated on you, not your children, just go for 50/50 don’t play God in your children’s lives.


No custody gains to cheating unfortunately here the judge suggest you see someone for a certain amount of time before introducing but it cant be enforced

It depends on where you live. Usually the court order will say no paramours over night. So if the “friends” are just visiting and no over night stays prob not much you can do. If they are staying overnight while your children are there, I would check with my lawyer.

Well you would A have to prove he was sleeping with them. All he has to say is he brought friends to the house male or female. B the judge is going to ask if he abandoned you guys multiple times why are you just now wanting to use that against him in a custody case being y’all are getting divorced