My ex cheated and the girl tried me friend me: Advice?

I have a question my ex-husband cheated with someone, and I found out I kicked him out because he said he wanted to stay but wanted to see her as well NO needless today we split, and she kicked her husband out and moved mine in long story short they got married and divorced and live together this women tried everything to destroy me, and now she wants to be my friend on FB do I say something or just let it go or do I friend her not sure why she wants to be my friend.


Oh heck no! Block and keep away.
We don’t recycle.
Remember you are the main course not a side dish.
Or like a say also your not a toy that they just play with and then put away in a high shelf when done. Then they take you down again when is ur time again to play with
Remember you are strong you are the best.


No way. They could have destroyed you. I would never trust either of them. Be strong, an true to yourself an protect your heart an your head always . Take care xx

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DO NOT friend her! She’s not a friend…she’s an enemy. She sure has nerve asking to friend you! DECLINE her request! You don’t need someone like that in your life!

Allow the request to sit there forever. Don’t make a move 1 way or another. She’s NOT your friend. && if she has something to say she’s can always msg you. No games!


NOPE! Ignore her. She betrayed you once. Don’t go back for more. She didn’t know you, but she knew the man she was jumping in bed with had a wife. She also betrayed her husband, kicked him out, and moved another woman’s husband (yours) in. She ain’t no good and not to be trusted.


NO don’t be her friend she is up to something be careful. Block her completely. And if her husband ( your ex) tries the same block him also. There is a method in there madness

Well, you could make her experience worth the while… Just saying. Lol

Honestly though, if it’ll get you emotionally all messed up, blocking her might get her out of the mind. Keep focus on you!


Ignore the request, no reason to friends her. I’d say she’s not a trust worthy person and you really don’t need the past connected to you like that.

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Ignore her let people only in your life that bring you up not bring you down😊

ignore the request and move on, but please remember it was your husband that betrayed you, don’t blame anyone else or make excuses for what HE did to your marriage

I wouldn’t fall for that line. She’s wanting to say something to you or find out something.


No, she just wants info to use against you for some reason.

Just block her without saying anything

Dont have anything to do with her might be a trick just to get next to you a mess your life up big time let the past be in the past move you dont need tbe negative energy


Heck no !!! Delete and block
All it is , is drama and so she can see your pics and posts
The less she knows and sees the better


Big red flag stay away from her, sounds like a drama queen, steals your hubby, divorces him and NOW wants to be your fb friend, NO WAY !

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Girl you needa find out. Friend her and see what she has to say. If she is rude block her. If she has concerns, hear her out. She holds the truth to his whole ass story cause guarantee you he didn’t tell you everything you need to know.

Block that devil spirit . U don’t need him or her unless u wanna be nosey, but that’s only gonna make things worse :slightly_frowning_face:


Block her. That’s not someone you need to worry about unles she’s coparenting children with you.

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