My ex does nothing for the kids: Advice?

I’m going through a tough decision that I need help with. I’ve been separated from my kid’s father for almost 2 yrs. Since separating, he has not done much for the kids. I’ve taken him to court and was granted every other week. Well, that all lasted like three months, then it was like I need help with a sitter, so I kept them four him. Well, I moved about 30 miles away almost a year ago and got the kids in daycare in my area (since I always have them). I’ve asked him a couple of times if he can pay every other week, and he been saying he needs the money for Christmas. I always told him well I need money for Christmas 2, and he just laughs. Now mind you, I live on my own too as where he is still living with mom and pops. Will I be wrong if I tell him I’m moving back home to have help if he don’t change by the time my lease is up


Nope. You do what you gotta do. He obviously doesn’t care about helping to raise his kids so get help where you can from someone who cares.


Go to court and get reasonable child support


You gotta do what’s best for you and your kids and your the sole care taker right now so if that’s what needs to be done then do it

I say do what’s better for you and the kids. You can’t continue to ask your ex to see or help with the kids. Some so called dads are not fit to be dads


Take him to court he will have no choice to pay then


Keep all bailing on his days documented as well as no help with their care during this allotted time. Go for full custody and child support


File for child support


Do you but there should be state aid programs that will help with child care and go after the dad for support

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My ex husband is 76,000$ behind in child support and he isn’t in jail. So just because it’s ordered… doesn’t mean they will pay. That said, do what’s right for you momma. Whatever that may be :heart: good luck!


Do what’s best for you and your kids he can find or get his own transportation to get the kids on his days


Nope. Lol. Do what you gotta do.

Yes do what needs doing ,he’s forfeited the right to make decisions…and yes it’s a good idea to get ordered child support,but as he isn’t helping now ,who knows if he will pay?all the more reason to do what works best for you


He’s your ex. Do what YOU need to do for you and your kids. Do not EXPECT him to do anything. You can ask him if he wants the kids for his time, you can ask him for help, you can have court ordered support… That does not mean that he will pay. Do what you need to do. He is not part of the equation anymore. You need to know that YOU will be able to provide for your kids because you CANNOT depend on him. My ex only pays support when he has to, meaning when he has a job that’s actually taxed and reports to Friend of Court the way they’re suppose to. :roll_eyes: Stop worrying about your ex and making stupid threats when he obviously doesn’t give a crap.


You’ll have to go to court to be able to move so many miles away. And you can take him too court for child support, but that doesn’t always mean it’ll get paid. My ex is about 30 grand behind. Stop giving him daycare on his time tell him he needs to figure that out it’s his time his responsibility and he needs to find daycare on his time that way your not having to pay for it when he’s working and its his time. Document everything. Take him back to court. For child support, even if there’s a chance he won’t pay it and to reevaluate the parenting plan of he can’t do the current one

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Why would you move back home? Go to court and tell them what’s going on. T
50/50 custody means he legally has to pay for half of child care, half of school items and registration, half of doctor bills, etc etc. He should be paying child support as well if he’s not helping. Don’t take something that’s working for your life and move in with someone else. Make him do what he needs to do.


Really go to court and get your child support

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If you take him to court and go thru child support they well ask him to pay for childcare paper work well tell him he need to pay half of that as well as for medical expenses

Don’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. He needs to grow up, pay up and father up!


Take him to court for child support since he can not take responsibility for the child on his own accords. Even if he decides not to pay you every month if you file for child support at the end of the year you will get the support owed to you through his taxes. Do what you have to do. You are the one raising this child on your own. You do what’s best for you and your child, period.