My ex got mad that he isn't claiming my son on taxes: Advice?

My ex got me pregnant and left. My current boyfriend has been there since I was 5months pregnant and at birth. My ex came hours after I gave birth and signed the birth certificate when I was sleeping, and my SO was at work. My ex feels like he should carry my baby and me because his name is on the birth certificate. I haven’t heard from him since the birth of the baby. I told him my boyfriend has already claimed the baby and me on his taxes. My ex is now mad, saying I had no right because my boyfriend’s name isn’t on the birth certificate.


So what, just cuz your name is on a piece of paper don’t make him a dad, maybe he should try and be a parent first


Isn’t it whoever the child lives with 6 months or more can claim them? I would suggest getting a parenting plan in place discussing visitation etc.


By law the child has to live with you most of the time to claim them. If you have physical custody then you file.


he’s suppose to have the baby for a total of 6 months out the year to even be able to claim …

He wants the money. Not the baby.
You’re SO has every right to claim you and the baby. Because he takes care of you guys. Period. Let him be mad.


Eh if he hasn’t been there physically or financially then definitely.

So? Lol he can be mad all he wants :joy: you cant abandon your kids and only show up when its tax season. That’s disgusting! Let him be mad.


Whoever the child lives with for the majority of the year (6 months usually it more), that person claims the child.

He doesn’t want the child, he wants the money


If your boyfriend supports you and the baby. He has the right to the claim

I highly recommend getting a lawyer.


First off, even if he had a parental agreement, yall would have to take turns claiming the baby.
So why would he expect to just get to claim the baby this year?

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The courts determined that for me and my ex. He gets odd years, I get even. We also share joint custody. I’d get yourself a court date. If he wants to claim the child on his taxes, he should also be paying child support. Get yourself set up!


You do have a right, because your ex doesn’t have custody. Tell him to fuck off.

he signed it while you were asleep? :slightly_smiling_face: i’d be so livid

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Depends on laws in your state if you are not together and child resides with you you would have to fill out paperwork for him to file. You need to get a child support/care agreement and file w the court

He has no right to claim if the child wasn’t in his household for 6 months plus…


Lol wow sounds like your ex is a piece of work and really anticipated money. If he hasn’t been there nor helped with anything he can’t claim him or you. He can be mad all he wants just ignore him def not worth it just because his name is on the birth certificate doesn’t mean he’s stepped up for you guys.

Who ever provides over 50% for that child should claim him or her


He shouldn’t even be able to claim the baby cuz he hasn’t helped support you or the child and neither of you live with him. If he tries to file a dispute make sure you have proof that he hasn’t supported the baby and he doesn’t live with him. Also to prevent things like this in the future file for full custody or joint custody.