My ex has an issue that I cut my sons hair: Advice?

I have my 2-year-old during the week, and his dad gets him on the weekends. Today, a little man got his haircut, and I think he looks great! I posted the pictures up on Facebook, and his dad (my ex) commented: “Why the hell you cut his hair like that!” — Yes, with an exclamation point. 1. It’s hair. It’ll grow back. 2. What’s wrong with his haircut? It looks a lot better than the bowl cut he received months ago while he was in his dad’s care. They didn’t take him to a haircut place; they cut it themselves. I’m okay with not spending the money, but a bowl haircut?! Yes, I was upset, but I got over it because IT’S HAIR- IT’LL GROW BACK. 3. I literally just saw this comment. I haven’t responded. Should I? And if so, what should I say?


Just delete his comment, don’t fall into his game he can get over it as well.


You don’t respond. Don’t be childish. Ignore it and keep civil.


I wouldn’t respond, especially on Facebook. It’s fucking hair. He’ll get over it.

Lol hes prolly just mad

Id ignore it an if he asked me in person that question id tell him everything you just said an remind him CO PARENTING works best for everybody


I wouldn’t respond. Screw him for being immature and commenting!


I wouldn’t respond. If he says something to you directly then I would tell him what you said here. “I’m sorry you don’t like it. It’ll grow back and change soon anyway.”


Just delete the comment and move on lol


are you the primary custodial parent? If so, it’s not his business why you cut his hair “like that”. It’s not like you had his genitals altered. FFS


Well for one you didnt cut iy the hairdresser did .lol.

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Why would you post to social media before his father knew?!:woman_facepalming: So disrespectful


If his comment is anything less than admiration at how handsome his son is, then he doesn’t deserve a response. He’s looking for drama and you don’t need to play that game.


Leave it be, don’t delete it. Let everyone see him being an asshole. He can get over it if you can too :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you consult him before getting his hair cut?

Your son might stay with you during the week, but he’s not just your son.

You both should’ve made the decision to get his haircut together.

Would you still feel like this if your ex had your son get a hair cut without informing you?

Just what u said in this

You deff should have let him know that you planned on taking him for a haircut. Its just respect.


Both of you should consult the other parent before cutting the kids hair tbh. He needs to talk to you about it before horrible bowl cuts, and you need to talk to him before whatever haircut he got. It’s called coparenting.


I feel like you two should talked it over


Don’t respond, he’s just looking for some feeling of power and control in his child’s life. I had this EXACT issue with my ex and it was never worth the confrontation over something as simple as a haircut. You just keep being an awesome parent!!