My ex-husband spent Christmas with my family: Thoughts?

I need some outside advice. My ex-husband is making sure to be involved with my family even tho he hated visiting my family while we were married. I find out he and his girlfriend and her two kids, along with our daughter, went and spent Christmas with my family two days before I was supposed to go and visit them once I had custody and was never told. Mind you; I’m still in this ridiculous custody battle my narcissistic ex filed all because I moved without his permission, and he somehow thinks that grant him the ability for full legal and physical custody even though I still uphold our 50/50 responsibilities just fine. ANYWAY… he also listed my family as witnesses against me in an upcoming court trial. My family has just tried to be there for our daughter, and that’s it, but with knowing all this, I can’t help but be completely pissed off that he won’t leave me the hell alone! Now he’s gotta butt into my family’s lives? Am I just being petty?


Its odd that your family isnt putting you first and has them invited or coming over… that’s messed up… if you dont want them their… than they shouldn’t be there… he can go elsewhere


Sounds familiar.
Mine called my ex to tell him about my grandma dying before me.

Not being petty. I have been in similar situation with my petty ex. Sounds like he is trying to use your family against you in the up coming case. Does your family not realize this?

Why would your family allow them to come and visit behind your back? That’s not all on your ex!

Not petty. Your husband is being malicious. Focus on your child, and keep the phone number of a good divorce attorney.


He’s not butting in. You’re family is still letting him in. What you’re both doing is petty and needs to stop put your kids before yourself.


I’m confused your family allowed him and his new family along with your daughter to have family time. Its like they replaced you


It’s a 2 way street. He can’t butt into your families lives if they don’t let him. They let him… THAT’S who you should be questioning. Not the ex.


Your family allows it all though…ijs.


Is there more to this story? Seems odd…


He’s a narcissist, he’s going to do everything he can and will to hurt you. Don’t entertain him, and don’t react. That’s what he wants. Always respond and never react. Respond wisely and without emotion. And distance yourself from your family and him.


This is part of his plan. My ex is doing the same trying to win some likes by my fam… its all part of the ploy

No you’re not being petty, but no reaction is the best response to a narcissist. Stick to the custody conversation and no other.

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Did they invite him? Thats a weird situation for sure. I would be having a serious discussion with my family and get to the bottom of everybody’s motives.

Write down everything that he says, does and bring it to court.

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Maybe you should have this conversation with your family and have them put an end to it


Document EVERYTHING!!!


No and thats odd yr family. Did that …just do not react ro it

Typical narcissist!! Tell your family what is up