My ex invited me trick or treating with our kids but I don't know if I wanna go: Thoughts?

My kid’s father had invited me to go trick or treating with him and the kids seeing it’s his night, but every year before that, he was working, or it is my day to take them to trick or treating and he’d never show up. We use to be really good friends, and I use not to mind doing holidays with him, but now he has a significant other, and I just don’t feel like going. 1. because I had purchased the costumes he hadn’t pay for, and I feel like he’s inviting me cuz he feels guilty (either way, I wouldn’t send them without their costumes. 2. I feel like he wants me to go cause he just doesn’t actually wanna do the trick or treating part. But I want to go for the kids, but not with him. What do I do?


Go…its for the kids.


You go! It’s for your kids.


Just go its fun to watch kids trick or treat


Do it for the kids and go, it will give them memories of you being there when they think back.
It’s Halloween, it’s all for the kids.
Just my opinion :woman_shrugging:t3:

Last year I went trick or treating with my daughter and her father and my son from a new relationship. Yeah it was awkward but the kids deserve to have their parents with them on holidays.

Suck it up!! They are both your kids!!


Go an enjoy your children’s happiness :two_hearts:, I’m co parenting and i had to set aside hard feelings for my child but I tell you what it was by far the best decision I made for them.

It’s called Co-parenting it’s not about you or him it’s for them babies!!!


So u find 2 diff trick or treat n 2 diff towns n each go to one n that way costumes used more as well

Ask the kids if they want you to , be guided by them x

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I go with my ex and new husband and my exes girlfriend we have a great time. Try making friends with her and get it started on a good foot or you will have so much hell in your future and your kids will suffer. Who cares who paid for the costumes? Does he pay child support?

You go…you are their mother!

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Go for the kids. They enjoy seeing their parents together getting along being a family.


I’d go!! I’d be suspicious minded that he wasn’t going to show up anyway :unamused: but it’s for the kids so damn skippy, get your shoes on and get that candy!!

Go and show the kids mom and dad are pretty cool people and have a decent relationship.

You obviously go for your kids, It’s part of being an Adult& Co Parenting


Its for your kids, so id go without a 2nd thought Xx

Suck it up Buttercup its not about you it’s about the kids.


Do it for your kids!!!