My ex is always late for pickup and drop off: Advice?

What would you do about a co parent who is chronically late for pickup/drop off with the kids? The father of my kids and I live about an hour and a half away from each other and so we both meet halfway to exchange the kids every two weeks (he only gets them every other weekend) but my issue is that he is at least 30 minutes late every time without fail. Meaning I am driving for 45 minutes then sitting in a parking lot for 30+ minutes. It’s a huge waste of my time and I’ve asked him kindly to try to be more punctual because I have things to do back at home but the lateness continues. He was an hour late today. He has no legitimate reason for being late other than his poor time management skills. It isn’t because of work or anything important.


Leave 1/2 hour later. Or even an hour.


You should start leaving a hour later and make him wait. Maybe then he’ll realize it’s not cool.


Then you show up late to drop the kids


Are you 100% sure that hes not stuck at work? I could see it happening once in a while with traffic. Why not leave and be a few minutes late yourself? If not go back to court and get it addressed there again

To be honest be happy he even shows up there are kids out there who don’t have that. So what he’s late… be grateful he’s there.


If he’s late document it. Take pictures of the clock. He gets 15 minutes after said time then you leave. That’s not fair to your kids or you. Document everything.


He forfeits his time if he can’t be there when he’s supposed to, bet if you left and not give him the kids he wouldn’t be late again


Tell the court or leave 30 minutes later than normal

Probs won’t change go later

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Leave later or see if there’s anything in your custody papers about the tardiness some state if the child is not picked up within the 30 minutes of pick up time you can cancel and go home


If I were you I would leave 30 minutes later

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Tell him he is taking your parenting time and you are going to start making it up. Then keep the kids longer.

After 15 min you can legally leave. Fuck that shit

Ok he’s late, whocares. At least he shows up.


I would have him text you when he’s leaving his house so you know when to leave


Ask him what is a better time for pick up and drop off. If he cant make the time. Work with him. That’s how co parenting works.


If I were you I would just be an hour late

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If it’s a set time on paper, document every single time he’s late with pics and such. If the courts do nothing then be late yourself. He won’t like it but maybe he will get it when your late every time as well


Stop meeting. You drive all the way to pick them up and he drives all the way to pick them up. You can be waiting at your house for him to arrive and you can arrive at his house on time.