My ex is begging me to take him back but I don't know what to do: Advice?

I hope you can keep this anonymous, but I would really love to hear some feedback on this: I was with my ex for several years. We had a baby together. But during our relationship there was always this little one off instances of him talking to pass flings to “catch up” or liking inappropriate pictures on Instagram of female “friends”, he would lie about really stupid things, little things like that. Then it grew into bigger problems like being extremely disrespectful to me, never spending time with our son and me, never helping out around the house, plus the other things in the beginning. Finally, I made him leave our house because we were constantly fighting… I recently found out he began talking to other women and sleeping with them two days after I made him leave our house. And now he begs for me back pretty much every day, tells me he’s sorry, and he’s really changed and learned from us being separated… He tells me I’m immature for “not looking forward” and “focusing on the past,” that I’m choosing to just throw my family away when I “could just give him another chance,” but to me, it just doesn’t seem like he was ever able to actually prove that he’s capable of being loyal or honest or faithful to me while we were together and especially after he left the house. I could just really use some advice on this. It isn’t easy going through the most pain and betrayal you’ve ever gone through in your life and still be told I’m choosing to keep my family separated. Thanks for taking the time to read this


He’s your ex for a reason!

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It’s just like a guy to Flip that switch on us women but dont let him flip the switch make him learn from his mistakes have him beggin on his knees and tell him to go ask that B$$$$ on that picture he like to take him …SMh sorry


You’re choosing to raise your child in an emotionally and mentally healthy home. You’re good mama… don’t look back.


From personal experience, ignore him.

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If he wanted to be kept he would’ve acted like it! You will find someone you won’t have to question their intentions actions etc I promise


He’s just lonely and other women ain’t giving him the attention like he’s wanting he’s only sorry because he got caught don’t do it!!


I would take it very slow, don’t move back together, he needs to prove he changed, start by just going on dates and see how he behaves and treats you for a good 3 months.

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He has realised the grass isnt always greener on the other side :roll_eyes:

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So I’m not going to be the one to say go for it, maybe he’s changed. I’m going to be the one to say it’s sad that you still haven’t figured out your self worth. Do you feel that you still deserve that kind of treatment again? Do you feel that allowing your child to see their mother being treated poorly is good parenting? Imagine your child as an adult going through the same type of relationship and then escaping it, would you encourage them to try it again?


It doesn’t sound like he is proving he is any different than before. I wouldn’t but if you decide to I would move very slowly and see if he actually changed. But by the sound of it I doubt he will like that.

If he completely changes how he is BEFORE you take him back, and you have deep meaningful conversations over months to heal your relationship, maybe. But you know he’s not different. He’s using you for your emotional attention. Don’t fall for it.

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There’s a reason he’s your ex… keep him that way

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If I were you, I would NOT take this man back. It sounds like he’s progressively got more and more toxic as time has gone on. He’s also gaslighting you’re and emotionally abusing you.

You and your child both deserve better. You deserve a better man to share your life with and your child deserves a better example of a healthy relationship.


I would definitely say don’t take him back an ex is an ex for a reason and he did stop to you while you were together that he knew you didn’t like and still did it. I know it’s so tempting to go back but I would say don’t do it

You broke up for a reason.

Dont go Back… u don’t Want ur child growing up Thinking it’s okay To Treat people like This because my Daddy treated my mum like It and she allowed it so It Must be Ok that is what ur child would Think. U Left. Dont Take him Back! and Him sleeping with other people 2 Days After you told him to Leave and he has now changed. Nah Bye!

Nope bye. Dont take him back ever. Dealing with almost the same thing now. Soon as my money situation is good. Hes going

He’s saying that to guilt trip you into taking him back. It’s possible he learned & changed but it’s highly doubtful unfortunately.

That door is closed and needs to stay closed