My ex is mad because I went to child support: Advice?

My ex is angry because I put him on child support after he told me he would put himself on child support because we couldn’t agree on visitation rights. A couple of days before the review, he reached out to me saying he wanted to start all over with me but to start out as co-parents. I explained to him I would still go through with child support. Review day comes, and he made me sign the final paper before him, and then he signed it. He tried to blame me, saying he didn’t think I was actually going to sign the paper and how could I put him on child support that he needs that money. He wanted to move closer so we could work on co-parenting. He would never communicate with me before; anytime he asked me when he could have our three-month-old daughter, I asked him to come to visit her because I wasn’t comfortable with overnight stays when she lives nearly 5 hours away. He could never agree to that. He’s upset with the outcome of visitation rights, but he’s more upset with losing money every month because he “needs it”. He lives with his parents and won’t work on getting himself a good working vehicle to be able to come and visit our daughter. I feel bad because he made it seem like he wanted to work things out with me, and he finally realized everything, but I also feel like he only said that to get in my head about reconsidering the child support. Should I have tried to work it out with him? Am I wrong for putting him on child support without giving it a chance to work possibly?


If you have a 3 month old and you’re not together and he’s giving you a hard time about supporting his child then you’re better off without him. You’re doing the right thing.


Unless he has complete 50% custody he should pay for the upbringing of his child! X


Get the money, sis. You keep giving him chances all he’s gonna give you is a hard time. Might as well have money for the baby. He should want that for the child anyway :woman_shrugging:


He’s lying… get child support for your kid. Grow up and face the fact that he will do anything to avoid his obligations.


My thoughts he just dont want to pay support and is playing you your life your decision as for me no more chances


He’s just wanting you back to avoid paying that money. You made the right choice. Make him pay. Move on. It’s not always easy. But it’s worth it


No. You did the right thing. He was thinking of himself and you’re thinking of your child.


I would tell him, well your daughter needs that money too for the things she needs.


You’re not wrong at all. I was thinking he just was lying too as I was reading this bc if that was the case, he’d had said that weeks ago. I would have done the same thing. He can’t get off scot free and expect not to take care of his responsibilities. Time to grow up.


He was just trying to manipulate you into not doing it.


He’s doing you basically what every baby daddy does. GUILT TREATMENT. It’s done go forward with ur life.


No you are not wrong. So what if he’s mad. If he really wanted to work things out child support wouldn’t stop him

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Deadbeats will always try to “work it out” to avoid child support knowing full well how long it takes to get in front of a judge on it. Don’t feel bad. You gotta do everything for you and your child and he wants you to feel guilt over it? Nah screw that. If he cares that much about seeing his kid he will figure out how to do it while still helping support the child.


Leave it the way it is, you have a little one to look out for.

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He is the FATHER. even breast fed babies can be bottle fed. You are no more important than he is, even at this stage and you’re denying him watching his kid grow because YOU dont feel comfortable? Thats bullshit. Moms are not more important or better at parenting at any age. If the ONLY reason he cant have overnights is cuz he is so far away you should feel bad. Thats bullshit.

  1. if you don’t know for certain that you want to try and work it out, then DON’T.
  2. See number 1.
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You did the right thing. Don’t feel bad for him. This is for your daughter. You should feel bad for her if you wouldn’t have done anything. But Not him. Plus he doesn’t even feel bad for you all, and still lives at his parents. Lol hes a joke.

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This was a planned scheme… it failed… now he guilts you to re-establish control…

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He cant always keep making empty promises, and being inconsistent with visitation, your child deserves some form of consistent support…you did the right thing. Tough titty, hes going to have to get over it :woman_shrugging: