My ex is questioning if our baby is his: Advice?

My baby father and I knew each other since 2018. We were dating for almost a year, but he started questioning our baby and slowly pushing me away. The other day and I’m eight months pregnant now, and he was trying to claim that the only reason why he questioned it is because of his friends, but I think someone else is in the picture. My next question is he wants the baby name to be Jr. Should I respect our original agreement or just give the baby a name I want since he is questioning the DNA


Give the baby whatever name you want. He wants to be petty, so can you :joy:


Oh sis I’m petty as hell. It would be a big pass on the Jr tbh


If he thinks its not his baby, then why call him Jr.? Lol


I would give the baby a different name. If he is already questioning the baby, it will get worse unless he comes out looking like a clone of dad. I went through the same thing and let me tell you, there was someone else in the pic on his side. Good luck momma


When my ex husband almost broke both my wrists while I was pregnant (he was abusive the whole 3 1/2 yrs of marriage) I decided to name my son what I wanted!

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Name him what you want.

Why would he want to give his name to (not his) son?? Tell him to pick which side of the fence he’s on.


Do you want to remain/get back together?

Do we have empathy for those who aren’t certain a child is theirs the way we do?

I’d say keep talking through it, the paperwork/name isn’t completed at the moment of birth.


I would give the baby a name you want

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Name him what u want. Fuck that shit. He wants to deny the baby then deny his name

My ex questioned too. I have regretted giving mine his dads name. (My son made the IV). I wanted to have a name with both families represented, but stuck with what he wanted. If he’s questioning though why name him JR? But ultimately the choice is yours. Just remember that no matter what, you want to give a name that your child will be proud of. If you feel that isn’t with your original agreement then do what you feel is best.


I went though this situation and honestly I am glad I decided to name her what I wanted and not the name we picked out together. He decided to skip out and hasn’t been involved since I was around 8 months pregnant. Many years later I am forever thankful I did it. She even has my last name…

Why name a baby after him if he don’t believe it’s his…

Name him what you want then get a dna test to further prove that this babe is his…he will regret his choices.


Name the baby what you want. I promise if he is being an asshole about paternity now then he will probably be worse or completely be out of the picture after the baby is born. My ex did this to me and I gave her his last name. He left when she was about a week old. He hasn’t seen her more then 10 times since she has been born 14+ years ago. Good luck.

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Hell naw. He wants a dna test but yet wants the baby named after him. Naw fk himmmm


I say name the baby what you want! If he still wants to question anything then say “well the baby is getting my last name too since you think it’s not yours” 🤷


Name that baby what you want! I named my daughter what I wanted and gave her my last name cause her dad wanted to question me.


Regardless of situation just name YOUR child what YOU want. :woman_shrugging:t4: Unless it is your belief that the father should name the child.


Name the baby anything but a Jr


My sons dad is a IV and he wanted his son to be the V. He cheated, stayed with her and I named our son what I wanted. He was mad for a while but he got over it. I was not going to name my son after someone that didn’t deserve the respect.