My ex keeps pressuring me to come back because I am pregnant: Thoughts?

Do I need advice? I got divorced and found out I was pregnant. I told my ex-husband. I since remarried and am extremely happy and healthy, but my ex-husband keeps pressuring me to go back to him because of the pregnancy? My question is if I knew I was happier with my current S/O and was treated better, then how do I react appropriately? Because my ex is one day he wants me and the baby and the next he doesn’t… he doesn’t understand that I hurt, but yet I’m the only one at fault for the reason we aren’t together because I hurt him and he has feelings, but I don’t???


No is a complete sentence.

He’s a narcissist. You’re happy, let him go. That doesn’t mean that if he’s he a suitable dad he shouldn’t have the opportunity to be, just a relationship sounds unhealthy if you’re already happy

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Wow a lot happened between your divorce getting pregnant and remarrying. :woozy_face: what a sequence of events.


Should never stay with someone for the sake of a baby. Stay with your current partner and give your ex every opportunity to be at your appointments etc x


If you are that tied to your ex, how in that short space of time have you remarried???


Well what a shit storm.

Good luck with that.

No means no move on with YOUR life.

No reason why you cant co parent as ADULTS

Wait I’m trying to figure out the timeline. You got divorced, remarried and found out you’re pregnant? How do you know the baby is your ex husbands?


That’s gaslighting. A sign of abuse. You left for a reason and found something much better. Why screw that up for an ex that plays games and with your emotions? A kid is not a reason to stay in a relationship that isn’t healthy

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All in the space of nine months? Crickey :joy:
But yes dont stay with someone for the sake of a baby, let him be involved but stay where you are and do you


No don’t do it. You will regret it. You have it good where you are.

I don’t know how you remarried so quickly and found out you were pregnant, that’s just crazy. But, if you are happy now then I wouldn’t go back to your ex.


He sounds like a narcissist. You never win with those. If you’re happier in your current relationship there’s nothing wrong with doing what is best for you. My baby’s dad was the same. One day he wanted me and the next he didn’t. He cheated on me, I’m pregnant and alone, but I wouldn’t take him back just because I’m pregnant. My baby does not deserve to grow up seeing that and thinking it’s okay.

If I’m understanding this correctly you were married, got pg, got divorced while pg & now you’re married to a new guy? I believe that makes your current husband the child’s legal father since you will be married to him when the child is born. Forget the ex unless he contests the birth certificate. Doesn’t sound like he will. He wants you not the baby.

Is this for real?! You got pregnant, got divorced and remarried to a different person while still pregnant? Did you know your current spouse? I doubt your ex wants all that drama. He probably just wants his kid. Some states will automatically put the spouse you’re married to on the BC which isnt ok if you know the true parent wants to be involved. And also, be careful what you do or say because everything could be used against you if your ex husband goes after custody.

Sounds like you probably shouldnt have gotten remarried because clearly you arent over your ex. :woman_facepalming:


If you’re happy stay where you are. Tell him you’re happy and not going back to him. You’re baby deserves a better life than that and so do you.

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Beloved love the one ur with. Stay with ur husband. Don’t go back to ur ex. U divorced him for a reason.

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You got divorced and re married in less than 9 months :flushed::thinking:


With how quickly the divorce, pregnancy and remarriage went, can you be absolutely sure it’s even your ex husband’s baby. Maybe theres a chance its not and then you won’t even have to consider it…not that you should consider ever staying with someone for the sole reason you have a child together