My ex lets the kids stay up to late: Thoughts?

I need some opinions. I feel like I am going crazy, and I have been a pain to my ex. But really I haven’t had a break from the last couple of weekends. Summary, my kids are 9 and 11; he lets them awake until 3, and 4 am. Last time my oldest was wake up until 6 am and washing stuff no appropriate without him even seen it. They spent hours on tv and video games, and that’s what the majority of time is spent on his weekend. He runs with my nine years old his dirt bike at the streets where he lives in. Even thou my kid just got that bike at Christmas, so he is learning. I don’t mind the bike. I agree but in safe places, especially if he is new to it. And yesterday he gave my 11-year-old shrimp knowing his allergic to it. Because he said, it’s not true, and I exaggerate even thou I got labs to prove it. Every time i call to speak about these problems or anything alike is always an issue where he knows everything, and I just like to mess up with him. But for me, it is all about the best for the kids—nothing else.