My ex makes me feel like I am still tied down: Thoughts?

I recently split from my son’s dad in December because it was just toxic; we weren’t good people when we were together, and I got tired of being that person. But sometimes we message each other and FaceTime for our son. Our breakup wasn’t the best; he stopped asking for our baby for like a couple of months, and whenever he did the message, he would ask about our baby then change the topic to about how I found a “stepdaddy” or “someone better than him.” Ever since I’ve been nervous to talk to guys and felt guilty if I did, so I’d just ignore them again. I remember one time on FaceTime, he said he’d be upset if I got pregnant by someone who wasn’t him… which was weird because we’re not together. Why do I still feel tied down without the relationship? Like I get the child thing, but I feel like I’m not able to move on. I want to, but I’m afraid.

Oh man, if you know it’s over and you know for a fact that you and him will never work it out. Just end all conversation with him unless it has to do with your child. Sounds to me he is still hanging on to you.