My ex stole some personal things from me and I don't know what to do: Advice?

Hey, moms, so I need advice. It’s not baby related, but it has to do with my daughter’s father stealing from me. So we broke up three months ago, and he only moved out a month ago. So yesterday I was just sorting through things and just cleaning out the closet a bit when I notice my one box is gone. Now in this box, I kept personal things like condoms, vibrators, lube, and all those kinds of things. So I asked him today, and he admits he took it. He says he paid for it, so he’s taking it. He only bought 2 of the things in that box and they were gifts to me, so they are mine. But now he says why can’t I just go buy new stuff. I don’t really know what to do about this situation.


Let him have it. What’s he going to do with it lol.

Buy new stuff, who knows what hes done to it or used it on.

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Omg. Seriously. Let it go


I would just let it go… I mean mean eww if using on someone else but I would sweat the small shit

Why would you want that back? And there more important things in life :woman_facepalming:t2:


File a police report over your dildos?! :sob::rofl: Let it go.


My ex of 18 years did that to, I really didn’t want it back. He did it thinking no fun times for you lol. So move on buy new stuff.

Buy new stuff, don’t make it complicated. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Buy new stuff!! It’s toys not irreplaceable stuff. Petty crap!!

Let him use it with whoever and he’ll be thinking of you the whole time. So then you go get some new clean toys.


I think you’re going to be okay without them. They still sell them everywhere.


After he took it I wouldn’t want them back who knows what he did with them🤢

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I would buy new stuff. Lord knows where or who hes used it on. new stuff for the new person you are


You’re mad because he kept your vibrator, lube and condoms? That’s some first world problems Lolol

Buy some new things


Just go buy new stuff. That’s weird and all but it’s not worth an argument

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Buy new 🤦
What else ya gonna do call the cops over stolen lube and vibrators!?!:joy::skull::joy::skull:


Worse thing he does is use your lube and vibrators to stimulate his ass :woman_shrugging:t3::joy: so it’s fine. Forget about ittt! :joy:

I am curious what his argument was in regards to reasons of why he keeps it in the first place … because that is just ratchet :thinking:

Id just get new better ones. Forget the ones you had