My ex wants to be in the room with me when I give birth but I am hurt: Advice?

I am pregnant with baby number 4 from my ex-boyfriend. Long story short, he has broken up with me multiple times, claiming he doesn’t love me anymore. He has gone back and forth between his exes and me. He ends up coming back to me, blaming it on his PTSD from when he came back from the military. I honestly thought he had changed. We have been together for five years well recently he broke up with me again because we were in a stressful situation living in a hotel room because of losing our jobs due to covid. Every time something gets hard, he leaves and moves in with his parents. We’ll I have been letting him be with our kids and trying to be a good co-parent. He started dating this other woman just a week after leaving me. Come to find out, he has been cheating on me with her since last year. Now he wants to move in with her just three weeks after meeting her in person and wants to take our kids with her, and I say no because I don’t know her so he gets mad and accuses me of being unfair. He also wants to be in the delivery room with me when the baby is born but I am so hurt I honestly don’t want him there. I am so hurt I just don’t want to make decisions while I’m hurting because he has been lying to me. But I just don’t know what to do?


Delivering a baby is stressful enough. If him being there is gonna add stress 100% tell him no.


Easy: Just don’t tell him your in labor
And move on from his toxicity


Do wat feels best for you.

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tell him you can see the child after he/ she is born if your not ok with him being there no need to stress u out more


Tell hospital staff his name and a description of him and tell them that you do not want him in the hospital/delivery room under any circumstances.


It’s your birth. YOU are the one that carried and you are the one that has to do this. Tell him he needs to start getting used to being the part-time Dad he is making the choice to be by leaving you all to be with another woman. Hold your ground. Get yourself a doula who will make sure your wishes are adhered to while you are in labor so all you have to worry about is that baby.

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Delivering a baby requires someone who will reduce your stress, not add to it. I personally wouldn’t let him. I also wouldn’t let my children around this woman until I’ve met her.


Just because your hurt doesn’t mean it’s right to keep him from seeing his child be born! That’s petty as hell


Girl never forget your self worth, I would personally not let him be there for the delivery, I feel like all it would do is stress you out I would have someone else be there to support you, and I would let him go, most states you can go to court and talk about how many women he is with on and off all the time and theyll most likely say that he’s got a unstable living condition, do what’s best for you and your kids but you definitely deserve better


Tell him to take a long walk of a short cliff


You’re the patient not him. I wouldn’t let him be there seeing as how he’s doing things to add stress to your pregnancy and hurt you


Trust me you don’t want him in there. I would do anything to go back and have my mom in there with me if I could


If him being there is gonna put you in a uncomfortable situation I would not let him in he would just come and see the baby afterwards and that’s it . I don’t blame you for being ticked off for him cheating and no I wouldn’t want my kids there niether I’d he just moved in with her I know eventually If he stays with her most likely they will have to go but I myself wouldn’t let them until I was made to .

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none of this is normal


Ultimately up to you but I personally would still let him but he can stand in corner and stfu. If you can only have one support person where you deliver then no I wouldn’t let him. He’s ruined the chance of being in the first spot lol. But feelings aside he’s a the father.

Just give birth & dont tell him until after. He can come see the baby after the baby is born. You can also tell the hospital you dont want him there & they wont allow him.


It’s both your baby that will be born…if you can get past the hurt let him be there…he isn’t going to change. Move on and let it be a moment that ur child can cherish in the future…let him go and be happy

Delivering a baby is a very personal time and given he cannot respect you as a woman then I wouldn’t let him in the room tell him he can be at the hospital and after the baby’s born he can come in the room an cut the cord no need for him to be in with you through the whole thing if he has no respect for you…your not together there for it’s no longer his privelage.


It’s his baby also I would let him be there don’t you need him there to sign papers? Your baby will ask about his birth story. And ask who was their. But with covid going on is he going to stay the whole time or leave? Idk if you want someone to stay there the whole time during your stay.