My ex wants to sign over rights for our child: Should I do it?

I have a big debate going on in my head that I could use advice on. The father of my child is offered to sign over full custody to me once our son is born. But he still will be in our sons life on a regular basis, he’s the one that brought this up not me, I would of never have asked him to do that because I would never keep my son from his dad, we broke up right before I found out I was prefab that’s but it was on okay terms but better off letting our son have two separate happy homes, but he said he’s okay with giving me full custody. My debate in my head, what are the pros and cons to it. I know once I do it that he will no longer be responsible for child support, which is why I’m pretty sure he wants to do it. But also I know there are a lot of positives to it also, not having to ask for permission when I wanna take him places, don’t ever have to worry about going back and forth to court over things. Advice?


What a deadbeat. He’s trying to avoid child support. I don’t agree with cs unless dads not doing his share etc but he needs to learn kids value time more than anything


WTH? He doesn’t want commitment. If he’s the father , why doesn’t he claim on birth certificate? Idk? I wouldn’t allow that crap. Ijs.

He’s trying to get out of child support…if he signs over his rights, he’s not legally obligated to pay child support should he start slacking as a father


So judges now days dont just let dads sign away rights. They cant get out of being responsible for the child that way anymore. There has to be a significant reason they’d do that.


More than likely the judge will not allow it.


So basically he wants the perks of being a dad (will be in the son’s life) but no responsibility? Um… no. Put his name on that birth certificate and have him support the child. He wants his cake and eat it too and that can’t happen.


Have you even checked the guidelines for your State? In a lot states a man can’t sign over his rights without another person taking over the responsibility just can’t decide you don’t wanna be a dad.


Even if he signs away his righys, he is still liable for child support. He wants to sign away his rights to not pay? Tell him to go shit in his hat . Grow up. A parent has a financial responsibility and a presence of raising that child. If he wants neither then let him sign away. Otherwise NO. You may have full custody and he can pay support and visit as he would like.

Ask yourself if you’re okay with him totally out of babes life. If you are, then discuss options with an attorney.

More than likely, it’s all about the money…

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No support (either $ or supplies) = doesn’t get to be involved… if he wants to give him up legally - then he should have no contact.


He is on I believe he has to pay he is not on he has no legal claim or responsibility. So here is the hard question is he a good dad material type of man? And should he be around your baby that he won’t even help or claim?

Just don’t put him on the birth certificate. :woman_shrugging: If you don’t need help financially, there’s really no need to drag you both through all the court mess.


Either make him claim the child or don’t involve him at all.


Better check, I think he still must pay child support. Are you putting his name on the birth certificate?


I wish mine would bye

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Where I live the the mom automatically already gets full custody if the parents arent together

JUMP on it! It will only get worse from here. Agree, get it done & MOVE ON! Raise your son alone & with dignity. This way you ensure that he is not a deadbeat you or your son have to chase down or worry about~

& you will have no issues in the future should you meet a wonderful man who does want to marry you & parent your child~


Let him do it, f it. Plus btw. In my state if dad signs off rights he dont get out of support. The only way is the mom stripping him of his rights to take away child support in my state…so I’d look into that in the case he still dont wanna help after wards. Cause you still deserve help even if hes gonna be around