My ex wants to take our child across the country to meet a woman he hasn't even met: Advice?

My ex wants to take our son across the country to meet a woman he himself has never met I told him he should go first to meet her and then take him the second time, but he says I’m overreacting and that he is doing nothing wrong I have explained if it doesn’t work out and u introduce him to her its gonna mess with him, and I don’t want him confused he then proceeded to tell me that it would be the same concept as me having a man come to my house when the children r not here (which I don’t bring anyone to my house) I’m just concerned that it’s not good for my son and Idk what to do if I tell him no then he will cause issues for me with a family trip I have coming up he’s always been childish and narcissistic and it’s always been his way or the highway any advice?


This shouldn’t even be a question. lol. Not no but hell no…


Hell to the Nooooooo

No way would I allow this :joy: not in a million years , not even the second time he meets with her , she’s still practically a stranger

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I would say no, but it depends on your custody agreement. If he has custody during the time they are going on the trip, you can’t stop him. If it will interrupt your time then he can’t take him without permission.


Hell no! Bring your child across country to meet a stranger?!?!?! Why would he even want to bring your child? Could be a dangerous situation. Very stupid and absolutely wouldnt happen on my call.


Maybe after he’s met her a few times. Women be crazy to. F that


He probably wants to see how she is with your kid? Eventually he will see women in the area and take your kid since he doesnt have a problem with this so just tell your son it’s a friend for now and if everything works out then later let your kid know they are dating

Fuck no!! I wouldn’t thats me tho… wat if its some lunatic he’s meeting

That’s a hard hell no. 100% nope nope nope. He’s never met this woman himself!


Sounds like a bad idea. Hasn’t he ever watched Catfish?

Not a chance should the child be going

Fxxk what he thinks absolutely no way would I allow my chlld to be introduced to someone he doest know it’s all about control the narcissistic dickhead. STAND your ground or he’ll have girls trailing in and out of his life .

Nope call your lawyer get ahead of him


No way ! He needs to meet her first !

Oh hell no. People are crazy…

Hell to the NO! He can do what he likes without you son involved. What he is doing is selfish, it’s not even to spend quality time with him. He’s doing it for another women. What if this women is asking him to bring your son along to steal him - human trafficking. I would NOT allow it!
Tell him to keep the baby out of his business!


Negatory good buddy…

Is this a joke …

In regards to it causing issues with your family trip, your son’s safety takes priority. It is not safe for him to take him when he meets this woman. Period. Face the family trip issue when it comes but as for this, big negative.