My ex won't let me have my kids around my girlfriend: Advice?

So my current wife cheated on me on a dating website. I felt so ugly about myself and always thought no one would ever want me I was very unhappy in my marriage we have three children together I found another woman that cares and respects me my current wife will not let me have my children around my girlfriend because she’s with me is this childish she doesn’t know anything about her and told me my girlfriend uses people for money and breaks marriages but doesn’t know this person at all I moved on because I was not happy I stayed for my kids. My current wife won’t even let me take my own children out especially when she lives with my mother, and after I moved on she got my family against me no one knows she cheated on me first I need some advice


No real advise but I’ve. Been there with my son! It makes me so angry- the kids aren’t just one parent or the other’s. These girls have to much power. But my friend lived close enough that her ex and her just swooped week each week. There are a lot of peoples doing that as long as kids can stay in one school. Anyway very good luck to you and your kids.

Very sticky situation if you are still legally married there isnt a whole lot you can do you need to get with a lawyer and file for legal separation and get custody established also to make the transition easier for your children try to make it about the kids not the new gf my ex did this to me he didnt want me to move on but he could good luck with this

Contact an attorney find out your rights. In some states until a judge assigns custody either parent can get the kids.

Well tell your family she cheated on you and tell your ex if she doesn’t let you see your kids your taking her to court

Well your parenting time is your parenting time. You’re responsible to ensure they are safe and cared for, doesn’t matter who is around your kids during your time. I would recommend waiting until you know the new GF is long term forever type before introduce to the kids, but again that’s your decision as a parent. If she doesn’t like it take her to court

Sounds like you need a good lawyer… I’ve been in this situation… your “Ex” can’t tell you who your children can be around, she can try… but there is nothing in the law that states she is allowed to withhold the children just because she doesn’t like your ex. Now, if your current wife/girlfriend was court determined to be a threat, that would be different, but that’s a lot of “what if’s” so, sounds like you need to take your ex to court unfortunately… I wish you the very best of luck…


If she is truly an ex, there should be a shared parenting agreement, or custody arrangement. I don’t think parents should take their kids around every person they date, unless it is becoming a serious committed relationship. But once you are divorced, your time with your child is yours, so spend it wisely.


Take your life back … perhaps, your wife regrets her horrible choices. Time can be a real thief so think of your kiddos not this new gal. Listen to your wife… she may be right about your gf. You know best so figure it out for your children and family. Don’t make the same mistakes your wife did

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Do you have a judge morris clause in your divorce or custody papers? I have them in my and my kid is not to be around paramore overnights from hrs of 10pm to 7am and have to be married before we can live with someone. All my exes doing but hes the one getting married to woman 3 months after meeting and child has only met her 2x

Depending on how long this said gf has been in the picture, she has every reason not to allow the kids around her. Don’t be one of those parents who bring their kids around people they’re dating until it’s been awhile and you know it’s serious.

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Take her to court and get an order for joint custody. I get so tired of seeing the posts about “my ex won’t let me di this and that”! They are your children too and you have rights too! Your kids are worth fighting for, so do it!


So actually, one parent cannot tell the other who to have around their children. I’ve gone to court and that’s what they told me. Nobody has say over the other. I suggest to go to court and get it handled.

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If you are divorced and have joint custody or even visitation, she has no legal right to say who you can have your kids around. Its unfortunate in some cases but it is what it is. She would have to take you back to court and show cause as to why they cannot be around her.

Your ex is something else I’m the new wife and my husband’s ex won’t let the kids talk to him when their at her shack. I don’t even try to do anything with them but what their Dad does. And she makes them call him by his first name instead of Dad. She makes them call their step father Dad. What is she and why do exes act this way?


Even the courts will tell you not to have gf/bf around the kids while hashing out divorce and custody. Until that is over, you’re better off not bringing her around them.


Get legal advice and do everything the right way so you don’t loose the right to see your children. Probably shouldn’t make the wife mad enough to make things hard for you.


Get a court order and establish some parenting time. Since she cant be a grown up herself, let someone else make a grown up decision for her.

Take her to court for a visitation plan.She does not have the right to stop you from seeing your children or to be around your current girlfriend unless there is some legality to it, like the children are in danger.

Go to court and let them know she is holding your kids from you. Get visits to you! She has some damn nerve! I hate pepper that use children as pawns!!!