My exes family has been attacking me for no reason: What can I do?

My son’s dad and I have gotten along great the last four years we’ve been split up. We coparent very well. He got a new girlfriend about eight months ago, who I really really liked. She’s a good girl and good for my son. Well, ever since she came around, they’ve been keeping notes about every single time his dad has overnight and every little mistake that I make. They were trying to get full custody. We went to court; they lied about so many things trying to make me look like an unfit mother, none of it was backed up with proof. His girlfriend’s mom even got on the stand and said some very ridiculous and untrue things about me. Anyway, nothing changed, I still have sole custody, and he still sees our son the same amount he always has. But now I feel like our great co-parenting relationship is ruined, and it makes me so sad. I loved how well we got along and shared all the holidays; it was perfect, and it was awesome for our son to see his parents being friends. Well, the night of the court hearing, I ran into the dad’s girlfriend’s parents at the local bar. They had their friend come right up to me and take my picture, to use against me, like I’m not allowed to be in a bar or something…? Idk what the reasoning is, but it was weird. So I walked over to there table and told them to delete the picture. As soon as I got to the table, the mom got right in my face and started screaming at me, the friend and the dad both surrounded me. I got scared, so I pushed the mom’s face away from me so I could getaway. I asked again not to take photos of me and to delete the one they already took. I walked away and sat at the bar. A few seconds later, the mom comes running over, pulls my hair, and yanks me out of the barstool and onto the ground. I push her off me; the bartender stops us, I get up and sit back down. Bartender keeps telling them to leave; they won’t. Her dad starts yelling at me, calling me a “cunt” over and over, saying i “suck dick for a living” my boyfriend finally comes out of the bathroom and stands between us and told him to “watch your mouth.” The dad kept threatening to fight my boyfriend; my boyfriend just stood there between us. The mom continues to take more pictures of me saying, “smile” “you’re on camera” “say cheese”, while snapping a bunch of pictures, like taunting me, I literally just sat there. The bartender finally got them to leave. I went out to the smoking section to cool down. Well, they were right on the other side of the window of the smoking section in the parking lot. The mom starts screaming at me and banging on the glass; i didn’t say anything. Then the dad comes back in the bar and straight out to the smoking section and starts yelling at me again. My boyfriend runs out when he saw the dad come out there and steps in front of him. I was the ONLY person in the smoking section, so for the dad to follow me out there, screaming at me was scary. Thank God, my boyfriend was there. The bartender had to make him leave again. So my question is… can I make it, so they are not allowed around my son? I had never met them before this day. Seeing who they are and how they act, I really don’t feel comfortable having my son around them. They’ve only been in my son’s life for about 8ish months, and they are only his dad’s girlfriend’s parents, so not his real grandparents. So I’m pressing charges against the mom for assault and her dad for harassment. Can I also petition to keep them away from my son?


Yes make a police report for harassment the bartender is your witness and I’m sure the have cameras too


That’s not your exes family either…it’s the family of the chick he’s screwing, and if they’re that crazy, she’s bound to be just as nuts. Think of the things she told them to make them think that was acceptable.


I would take it to the judge. Being the custodial parent, you can do whatever you want. But, having the courts blessing makes it better

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Yes and I suggest a restraining order they sound crazy.


If they’re doing that to you, a complete stranger, imagine what they could do to your son. :grimacing::grimacing:


And especially if they are the parents of your child they have no rights towards your child they aren’t family put a restraining order against them and if the girlfriend is there put one on her too


Restraining order! And fast! Keep documents and copies of messages. Any time you see them start video recording. This goes for everyone harassing you. Good luck :heart: I am so sorry you’re going through this.

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This varies by state

Yes, a judge will even tell you and your son’s father, YOU TWO are the only ones the child needs, being that you’re pressing charges and had the issue, the judge shouldn’t say anything against your wishes. (Speaking from a person level going thru this with a friend)

Yes,you should be able to and I would…they have no rights to your child at all.


Get a statement from the bar owner too,this will help you in court.


I hope you called and reported that and yes there are ways you can keep them away from your son like a restraining order or put it in the parenting plan


Yes you can. I HIGHLY recommend it too. Protect your baby from these psychos


Put a restraining order against them. It should cover your child too. Wahlaa, problem, albeit, temporarily solved.


yes report it to police and get a restraining order that prohibits them from being near you and your child the child’s father does not have to be included on the order unless he too is abusive or aggressive towards you good luck and be safe


Get a restraining order which includes your son.


This is so crazy and I’m sorry you have to deal with crazy people … it’s your child why should anyone be harassed over there own child by “strangers “ like this gets me so upset and angry for you

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Yes !!! And get video from the bar !!! And get the police reports and witness reports !!! Hell to the fuck no would my child be going anywhere near ANY OF THEM till this is taken care of … Id be doing background checks on ALL of them now … Your son is not safe around them

of course you can and I would. what happens when your child sees it the next time or God forbid gets hurt. I get when people drink things can get a bit out of hand but thats just crazy. they have no ties to you. the ex and gf are not married and for the time being i would bc seens how you already pressed charges or made a report they’re gonna know. this will only piss them off more. I would also have a long serious talk with your ex. he shouldn’t be ok with them treating you this way either.