My exes grandmother stole my son from me and won't give him back: I need help!

Back in 2013, my son was taken from me. He will be seen on the 19th of October. I have been trying to be in his life as much as possible, but he has a 65-year-old adopted grandmother who isn’t “open” to let him know his mom because she feels that she needs to be his need instead of me. I was with my kid’s dad for almost four years, and it was an abusive relationship. He and his adopted mom would tag team against me, and she would tell him things that I’d say to get me to hit. Before my second son was even born, this old lady wanted him when I was pregnant with him. Literally, the minute I gave birth to him, she called my bed phone, asked if he came yet, and said they would make their way the next day being that I was there alone. The next day came, and she and her son (my kid’s dad) were the only two in the room with me while I was filling out the paperwork for his name. The dad and grandma already had the first and middle name picked out, and I didn’t have a say. I mean yeah, I could have then said I didn’t want these people around me, but I was so deep in this hole with these two people I didn’t think I had a say. I sat there and let them name my baby boy. A few days later, she made sure we did a paternity test and waited until the results came back and had us kept in a motel room while waiting. They came back, and he was 100% his. We went back to my hometown, which was an hour away from the hospital. I chose to breastfeed my son, and the old lady would be sitting in the living room, demanding me to let her hold him. I’d tell her I was going to feed him, but she’d come in and grab him off of me mid feed and hold him for 6 to 8 hours straight. And if I tried grabbing him, she’d get dramatic and start yelling you are going to hurt him, let me hold him a while longer! Thinking back at my younger self, I wish I would have kept them out since the day I gave birth to him. Anyway, time went by, and she had the cash, so I was lost in this world she had created as to her way or no way at all. Too scared to say no because I didn’t want both of my sons involved in witnessing any physical abuse or maybe even get hit as well. Yes, I would try to leave, but when I would, they would each grab either his car seat or my tiny newborn son. Whenever he would raise his voice, the old lady would grab my babies and take them out of the room like I was supposed to stay in the room with this monster of a human. She watched me suffer, and she liked it. We were traveling once, and she stopped purposely at a gas station somewhere in Montana and had my kid’s dad get off of the vehicle and go inside (we were in separate vehicles) and buy something. He came out, and she was sitting there with her window rolled down, and I stood outside and waited for him. He came running up to me and smashed a bag of chips in my face and made my nose bleed as I was standing there, she rolled her window up smiling and drove away. I am going off subject but these things I’ll never forget. Anyway, toward the end of our relationship it ended with her telling us to go house searching and that she would keep my son for a week (because I have another son 9 months older than my second son) so, “it wouldn’t be so hectic” and “would be easier on us” I repeatedly said no and then agreed to let him go. The week went by, and she changed her number and blocked me on Facebook. I’d reach out to her family and try telling them the situation and that I wanted my son back, but even they were in on whatever evil plan she had to go on and would tell her when I’d contact them. The dad of my kids would talk to me every now and then but would always keep it short. A few months go by and then six months, then a year. Finally, I reached her, and she would let me talk to my son on the phone and always kept it less than 50 seconds. She is from the same town as me. I know every single person she is related to, and her family is huge. So, she would come and visit, and when she’d come, she would not notify me or even bother to tell me and purposely stayed away and made sure I didn’t know. A few more years go by and people, random people would tell me that they got to see my son and would tell me that he is so cute and is getting bigger. I remained to do what I had to while taking care of my first son. I then slowly got to actually see my second son face to face maybe four times since she took him and one day I got to meet up with them and I got into an argument with the old lady and she told me that I left my son with her in a totally different state and never came after him and I asked her if that’s what she has been telling everyone this entire time and I told her that she knew that wasn’t the truth. Anyway, later that same day, I end up taking my second son home, and she kept calling me and calling me and even put out an alert all the way in Albuquerque New Mexico for him being that, that’s where my aunt lives. Finally, she called me and told me she wanted to talk, so I told her where to find me if she wanted to talk. Instead of it being just her, she brought her niece who was a cop at the time and had her banging on the house I was at, and my elder grandmother was in this house as well. She sat there with me through the whole thing. This old lady didn’t only bring a cop, but she brought the whole damn police department and an investigator. I held on to my son as tight as I could and cried and was super panicked. I didn’t know what to do. I had my older brother on the phone, on the speaker is that he is very knowledgable and he was giving me advice. Her niece was yelling through each window, telling me that she could see us shining a flashlight through the windows of the rooms I would go into. And my boys were scared as ever as well. All this is going on, and all I could think of was, I’m not letting my son go. I have my baby now I am going to keep him, I had him…he came out of me I’m not letting him go again. And my great grandmother was sitting there telling me not to give him to this evil old lady again. Meanwhile, all this banging and yelling and my sons crying and my grandma yelling and my brother giving me advice, a guy tells me he has papers, and he shoved them through the siding of the air conditioner in the living room. I said what these are, and he told me to read them. My brother was on speaker and told me to take photos of them and send them to him. So I did and didn’t have any type of knowledge on this court stuff. These papers looked as if someone randomly typed them up as they were lettered in blue ink. It stated the date of guardianship and that the dad and I were not present during this hearing on this small reservation that none of us are even from so guardianship was granted to the old lady. I was never served for no court date and was not aware of there ever being court or this even happening. I was clueless. My brother, grandmother, and my gut were telling me, DON’T GIVE HIM BACK! But her cop niece kept telling me that I was going to get into a lot of trouble if I didn’t give him back to her auntie and I’d go to jail for a long time. For a little over four hours, all this banging and yelling went on. Finally I looked at my son and busted out crying and hugged him so tight, gave him a kiss on the cheek and took him to the front door and opened it and handed him back to her and she dramatically cried and sobbed as she took him and had the audacity to ask the cops if he was okay. I fell to pieces after I shut the door. I felt defeated. By everyone. The cops that should have been helping me or should have been on my side but weren’t, me for being weak and giving in because I was afraid to go to jail. The next day my brother’s girlfriend told me if I heard what the old lady said about me and why all the cops were really there, and I said no. She told me that the old lady told them I was high off of drugs and was holding my son hostage. All I wanted to do was get my son back and actually keep him without her saying this or that and barely getting to be around him for five to ten minutes at a time. I wanted to be there when he falls and cries, or when he laughs when he gets to experience life, every day, I am missing out. I have been missing him since she took him from me, and I’m sure he wonders why his mom can’t be a part of his life as well. I am not looking for sympathy, but advice so doesn’t get me wrong, I am just explaining this entire situation because people do not get it or nearly understand why I can’t just grab my son and get him back when I try to tell them bits and pieces of the whole ordeal. I need to know how I can go about this without having to fight because she knows I can’t afford what she can and where I’m from money talks and that I don’t have. I want my child back already, and all these years, I know how to go about it court wise, but I’ve been scared of being overruled because I don’t have thousands like she does nor has the pull like her. But to me, materialistic things cannot be compared to the actual love that a mother can show to her child, I just want him home with me and his siblings.


Wow. Ok did you ever go to court for any of this? Technically that’s kidnapping. The grandmother has no rights to that child. If cps wasn’t involved, if there were no court cases in the works there should have been zero reason for you to walk away without your child. You are his mother.


How old is the boy now? You’ve said all these years. So you’re saying years have gone by and you’ve never filed any police reports for kidnapping??

I’m sorry I’m just having a really hard time wrapping my head around this story.


I’m going through the same situation with my daughter’s father and grandmother :sob::sob: it’s been 2 years and I’m still trying to get her back!


I feel like there is more to this…you havent tried to stand up for yourself or get your child back…that is kidnapping! Get YOUR child back!


I’d really like you to message me. Crazy as it sounds, i had something similar happen to me when i was 19. I’d like tobhelp you.

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When she changed her number you should have called the cops and reported your child kidnapped. Instead you gave your son away, twice!


Lawyer up… it the only way…


No way in hell anyone is kidnapping my kid and getting away with it. I would fight every minute until my baby was back with me. There’s more to this story.


My mom did something similar. I go to court Nov 21st !!! Prayers for u .

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I couldn’t read it all…but you need to call the police! This doesn’t seem to be the whole truth…why didnt you call the police when it first happened???


I’m sorry but my daughters father snatched her from me and refused to give her back, within seconds I was calling the police. You should’ve taken action right then and there. I understand the abusive relationship… as mine was too thought he never intentionally hit me. I guess find a good lawyer!!


She kidnapped ur child have her arrested,if she had guardianship cops would not have waited 4 hour’s for you to turn him over & u would be in jail


I don’t understand why you didn’t immediately call the cops as soon as this happend. Why you ever spoke to her and told her where you were after finally getting him back makes no sense. You need to find a lawyer who will help you probono and get your ass to court ASAP. If you let that much time go by again, the courts are gonna go against you. A lot of this already doesn’t make sense. I hope you figure it out.

When u get ur child back move & don’t tell her where, restraining order also


If you don’t go to court you’ll never know. And your son will know you didn’t try everything you could to get him back. Get a lawyer and file. NOW.


On the 19th take ur son & don’t look back,& what’s her $$$ got to do with anything


I wanted to hit you myself after reading you told her where you were with the baby after everything she supposedly did to begin with…girl bye! There’s no court order, you are the mother show up and get him back…also should have reported the niece for handing that fake paperwork but you have done absolutely nothing but feel sorry for yourself!


When you get him on the 19th do not give him back. Have a police officer with you as well.


You really need to go to court. And this time you see him bring the police do not return him lady please stand up for your kid