My exes wife hates me and I just want a civil relationship: Advice?

I and my baby daddy have been separated for eight years, he is married now, and I’m engaged to be married. We have always had custody/child support issues, and we have 0 communication only when he’s on his way for our son or little Things here and there. His wife HATES ME like she cannot stand me, mind you they got together two years after we separated, so there was never any cheating or anything. She doesn’t say hi, she doesn’t let him talk to me, and sometimes she even belittles my son. I have tried in the past to talk to my baby daddy and try to make peace for our son. She has a son of her own whom my son loves to be with. I just want to have a mature relationship where we can do things together like bday parties or celebrations when my son gets an award…all together! His family loves me, and we have a great relationship, so with them, it’s absolutely no problem! The problem is her, and the fact that he listens to her! My fiancée messes around and says my baby daddy still probably loves me, but I just think he low key hates me as well! And no, I’ve never done anything to him, they just both hate me without reason! Has anyone dealt with something similar? How did you overcome it?


I wonder if she hates you bc his family loves you. Bc they may not like her at all lol. That would explain the jealousy. And she could’ve caught him cheating in the past.


Mines the opposite, My boyfriends ex wife hates me

Do your thing and stop worrying about them. Seriously. You don’t need to be friends with them, civil yes, friends - no.


Hold the fuck up…your piece of shit ex lets his wife belittle your son? Did i read that right?

Some people are just miserable and share it with those around them. They sound immature. Just try as you have been. Don’t push too hard. As long as your son is content and happy you are doing it right. If you want to go to awards, sports etc. Go! He’s your son too.

You can’t control her, you can only control how you handle her. Just be you. Her issues with you are her problem, do your best not to make it yours. :sparkling_heart:


You could always invite her out for a drink, just the two of you. Either you end up being bffs or one of you goes to jail for the night :smirk:


Sounds like she’s not mature enough to carry a civilized relationship. Let it go and do your thing. Some people are just this way.


I think she dislikes you because his family likes you. I think its all jealousy…


If it makes you feel better my childs father likes to chase away any guy that walks my way. Weve been seperated for just about a year and hes already scared someone away because he pays people to stalk me and he likes to threatens a lot.

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Go to court and try to get it to where she cant be around your son, doesnt matter that they are married he would have to leave and stay somewhere else when having your son, and have a restraining order put on her, shes clearly is jealous and jealous bitches can be spiteful so I’d definitely wouldnt want that bitch around my baby

If her dislike of you is spilling over onto your son then you need to have a serious talk with your ex about it. As far as you and her go just be as civil as possible and accept the fact that she doesnt like you for whatever reason.


You can’t make someone want the same things as you do. A lot of people co-parent & get to be friends, others have the same situation as you.
They seem petty & childish. & you seem to be happy & willing to go above & beyond.
Just let her hate you. Sounds like they’re miserable as a couple.


I’m with Melissa Hauser!

Sound like you have done what you can. You might just have to let go and let it be on them. As long as hes being decent towards your son then you might be on a better place then some.

not everyone is going to like you…and he listen to her because you are the ex and if he went to wife about you she may see it as him picking you over her…he seems to respect their relationship…this women is not your family and does not want to be…she has a relationship with your son already so unless he comes home upset i would leave them alone and let them do their thing…you continue to do yours…she may feel insecure around you…goodluck


Some people just don’t want to chit chat or have anything to do with their exes. N im with Kaylee on the family thing. Probably bugs the shit out of her that his family still likes you

Currently … My mans ex doesn’t want me around her kids. And doesn’t want a normal life i guess lol shes taking us to court to make sure i dont come around them. I laugh because the judge will laugh. She has a history of CPS. I have none. Lol so i mean… I cant wait for court.

Just do you. You have no control over her feelings. Side note: Can we please stop using the term “baby daddy”?