My ex's girlfriend wants my kids to call her mom: Advice?

I’ve been divorced for four years. We have three kids together, a 7y daughter, 6y daughter, and 6y son. My ex-husband has been with his girlfriend for about two years. And I found out that she has been bathing my children and telling them to call her mom. I hate them calling her mom. And I believe my kids are too old for someone other than a parent, doctor, or maybe a grandparent some situations to see them naked. Am I overreacting?


Absolutely not! I’d flip out! That’s not her place. You have every right to be mad.


I would be very upset if my kids called anyone else Mom. :disappointed_relieved:


I would go bezerk because she their mum… my ex’s partner has been around since my little man was a baby and he doesn’t call her mum calls her by her first name


Nope not at all. You are their mother. Period!


Is she good to them? Do they want to call her that? If that’s what they feel comfortable with where’s the harm?


No you are absolutely not over reacting. If they randomly picked that for her to be called fine. But to coax this is not okay. And they are too old unless they need help. Girls with girls wouldn’t bother me


This would be me to her


Nope, you’re not overreacting about any of it.

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I’d lose my shit. Just saying.

The girlfriend is wayyy out if line and you should probably have a serious conversation with their dad.


I would flip if my kids called someone else mom.

I’m torn on the mom bit. The bathing? No. Daddy needs to bathe his own kids.


Uh no… I’m a step mom and would never say I want them to call me mom. That’s over stepping. My bonus kid’s mom calls me their other mom, but they call e by my name.


Agree with you. No. No. No. You are the only mom. Period. And they are old enough to take baths or showers by themself. That’s a little creepy. Call and nicely talk to your ex.


The bathing part okay. But YOU are thier mom. Period. I’d lose my shit to be perfectly honest lol no body better try and take my place nooopppeeee. You’re not over reacting

No, plus thats not appropriate. Why is your ex letting her do that? Seems sketchy. I’ve been with my current bf for almost 2 years and we dont coax my 2 older daughters to call him dad. They still call him tony, even though they say they love him. They’ll just say “i love you tony” or “good night tony” (which they just started doing btw and its cute af)
But other than that, you dont try and force kids that aren’t yours to call you mom or dad. Or try to get your kids to call your new partner mom or dad.


No lucky I’m not they mom I woulda poked the broads eyeballs out. Weird ass bitch

I would understand if the kids starting calling her that on their own that’s one thing but if she’s telling them to call her mom then no.


I would be upset if she made them call her mom
But if they chose that on their own I feel is different

But I guess I’m kinda biased
The very first time I met my step son
He called me mom
I thought it was strange bc we have never met before
But I think it made him more comfortable to call me mom bc my daughter same age is yelling mom 24/7

But if my daughter called another person mom I would feel hurt