My family doesn't know my husband cheated with my cousin: What should I do?

So I would like to keep this anonymous since I have several family members that may see this, but I have a question and need advice. Many years ago, I was married to a man that, after a few years of marriage and two kids later, I found out he was cheating on me with multiple women, so I left him. After we divorced, he stopped making an effort to see our kids. This only shows what kind of a man he turned out to be. Anyways, I am over the marriage, and I have since remarried and am very happy. My question is, I found out a few years ago that one of the women he cheated on me with was, in fact, my cousin, and I happened to be nine months pregnant at that time. She confessed to me, and I appreciated her telling me, but still, after all these years, I am hurt, angered, and feel betrayed, and I am having a really hard time acting as if I’m ok to be around her, but I’m not. I have no desire ever to see her again. My other family members do not know about what she did to me, and they make me feel bad for not wanting to attend family functions and call me out as being the “black sheep” of the family. What do I do? This really bothers me. Do I call her out for what she has done to our other family members, or do I try and move on and pretend it never happened?


If it bothers you that much, I would be honest and let them know why you don’t want to attend family functions. I wouldn’t want to be around her either.


I would. If she’s the reason you don’t go why make yourself look like the bad guy? You owe her nothing.


I would call her out but that’s me!

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I would let them know why you dont attend (she messed around with your ex husband)! And hopefully they will understand why you dont want to go around!


I think if you tell your family, they will understand why you don’t go to family functions. I’m sure they will understand. :heart::heart::heart:


Call her out ! She messed up NOT YOU. She should be the one not attending family events from the embarrassment she should feel NOT YOU


I’m petty.
I’d say I’m not comfortable around betrayers


Just let it go, be the bigger person and move on. That’s just drama you don’t need. Leave it alone.


Tell them what happened


My sister slept with my ex boyfriend and your damn right I called her out on that shit! It’s not right! Everyone looks at you like your the bitch but in reality she fucked you over and went behind your back with your husband!!

Put her on blast
Why should you remain her victim?


I’d tell everyone. Let people judge her…she deserves it.


Why cause more drama. Attend family functions but you dont have to talk to her.


Go to family functions and just ignore her. You’re letting it control your life. No need to oust her


Call that cheater helper out, she disrespected your marriage and you most of all…family uhg


Spill the beans woman!!! That right there will be you’re closure you deserve to speak the truth! I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. Prayers for you! 


Try to forgive her you don’t have to be besties but forgiveness isn’t for her it is for you. your children deserve to be around their family :heart: and you deserve peace and remember that he promised you not her what she did was wrong but she wasn’t the only one involved


Call her out let her be responsible for her actions


If you are truly over the marriage and happily married then the past is dead PERIOD Forgive the cousin and move on. YOU, are your own worst enemy allowing this to STILL take space in your head. Outing her at this point serves no purpose. For your SANITY/PEACE… LET IT GO.