My Family Has An Issue With Me Naming My Son Lucifer: What Should I Do?


"So, I really love the name Lucifer for my son (My favorite show is Lucifer lol), But my family is totally against it because it is the name of the "Devil". I don't believe in God or the devil, so to me, it's just a name…Should I change the name of my son because of my family?"

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"Call me different. If you love the name then name that child Lucifer. If he has a middle name and decides to go by that due to any ridicule then that’s a back up plan. But name your child WHAT EVER YOU WANT."

"Just remember the name you give your child they have to live with. You have to think of school and what other people will be thinking and acting out towards your child. He could be bullied and teased. It's a lot on a child."

"I have heard, introducing your self as the name you want to give your child can give you a perspective of how people will react to your child. From now introduce yourself as Lucifer and see how people treat you."

"Just remember while you won't hold the name against him, some people will. Maybe kids at school, maybe mean teachers, maybe the parents of girls he wants to date. Maybe employers. The teen years are terrible enough. I mean sure, be a rebel. Get a doggie and name him that. But not your baby who will have to grow up with the consequences of the choices you make."

"I'm all for using whatever name you want but I’d also encourage you to think about your child. They'll have to deal with whatever name you pick for the rest of their life which will include potential teasing/bullying. Also, is this particular name just a fad/phase because you're into a certain show right now or will you really love it and not regret it in a year or two."

"When naming a child think ahead to adulthood… college, future jobs, etc. If someone named Lucifer came for a job, chances are he won't get hired. Use it as a middle name, give him a proper first name and call him whatever you want."

"Remember one thing - it's YOUR child to name, not theirs! If they have a problem with it, then they will have to live with it."

"Girl name him what you want. No ones opinion should matter. My family didn’t want me to name my daughter Daisey and that made me want to do it all the more."

"I wouldn't change the name for your family. I would however think of what his life, school and professional career will be like with that name."

"Man if we got everyone’s opinion on naming a child I don’t think any child would actually have a name, someone always gonna have a problem or don’t like it it’s up to you and the father not anyone else. I like the name."

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Well if I were you . I would just add Junior to his name so both of you experience the public stigma . I would say in society Lucifer generally represents evil so it’s pretty insensitive to give your son a name that instantly causes him humiliation or conflict . That’s selfish of the parent to be that egotistical. Just saying .

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I would make it a middle name honestly it is a cool name and awesome show but the stigma could be bad in school at least as a middle name he has a choice if he goes by it or not.

You can name your child anything you want. But you have to think about all the teasing he might have to deal with in life due to the name. I would name a dog or cat that before a child, tbh

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I get wanting to name your child after your fave show/character,I want to do the same.However,we live in a world filled with nasty people.Too many persons see the name of Lucifer as “the devil”, hence this would lead to ridicule or him being outcast, by not only children but adults as wepp especially those “religious” people. The name Lucifer itself is beautiful and even as a strong believer I have nothing against the name. Believe me when I say it’s crossed my mind many times what will happen if I named my child Lucifer.Being a teacher as well, I can tell you his schoolmates will not give him an easy time.However,it is your child and if you really want to, name him Lucifer, it’s not our choice. But personally IMO it’s better for the child as a middle name not a first name.

I have the right to name my baby douchebag but I don’t. See the point??

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Totally agree. It’s selfish and abusive. Don’t have kids.

Honest truth:
I wouldn’t name a child after the incarnate of evil, from ANY religion.
Real talk: your child will be bullied and ridiculed for that name.
You won’t be able to stop it or protect him from it.
This is why I struggled so much with naming my daughter.
I wanted to make sure I had a name for her she wouldn’t grow to resent or hate.

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When you choose a name for your child that they have to live with for the rest of their lives, you need to consider how that name is going to affect how people see them. They will hold it against you if it has a negative effect. Life is hard enough without a name with negative connotations.

You’re right! Naming a child is everyone’s business these days. He would have hell with this name

I like the name too but it is associated with evil. So if you decide to name your baby Lucifer I would call him Luc or something like it. Cause people can be mean.

You may love it. But your kid will have no friends. It’s not what you believe it’s what’s in a name. And that name sparks nothing good. It’s like setting your kid up to be evil doer. #notagoodlook

Yes it is your child to name but definitely think of the child. They are the ones that have to go through life with that name. I also like the show Lucifer so maybe try Samael which is another name he goes by…and they can always go by Sam if they want. Just a suggestion. I have a cousin who named their child Medusa smh

Basically give in to a demanding family, Hey Jesus wasnt exactly a humanitarian, he came for dividing families but most Christians dont want to hear that.

I would name him Lucifer Satan, its your child, you should name him whatever you want, People would be offended no matter what you do, and i would be the type to ignore offended family because they have a cross up their bums.

I’m not one to judge or to tell people what to name their child(ren).
With that being said, when your Son begins school, some kids are going to be so cruel and vile to your Son, maybe some adults too.
I have seen it first hand, some kids are mean, vindictive and cruel.
I like the name, yes it is related to the “Devil”, but you do what you see fit.

Think about it: Lucifer is a name that is pretty much universally NEGATIVE. Consider that.

You may like the name now because of the show but it was cancelled . In 5 years, when he starts school, people won’t remember the shoew but will remember Lucifer in the Bible. Unfortunately, children and especially teenagers can be terrible. They will use any excuse to tease and bully another child. Why set your child up for that. Use it as a middle name if you are that attached to it. I was teased because my name rhymed with melon; it was awful to be tease about sonething I had no control over.

Yea. You think it’s ok, but your kid has to live with it ! God bless your son!:nut_and_bolt::nut_and_bolt:

Could have named him samael