My family has offered to do my carpets and never did: Advice?

What would you do if you had a family member who offered to do your carpet and you said you would pay them, and then they never did it while I was pregnant, and now that the baby is here, they want to come over and do the carpet and see the baby and I said no? It’s too chaotic for me to have people over after a baby is born, especially when you’d be ripping up carpet. I am by no means trying to take advantage of people or anything like that I would’ve paid them to do the job. It hurt my feelings when somebody said; now I’m keeping the baby from them since they didnt do the carpet. Definitely not true. Theres been a lot of things that I haven’t gotten done since the baby and to me the carpet wasn’t super urgent after he was born. It would’ve been way too hectic. We were also okay with having people come over over the summer since the covid numbers had dropped. It has more than doubled now. And I dont want to risk my baby. Am I wrong here?


Way easier to do the carpets while he’s so small. It’s going to be harder to do them once he’s crawling!


I would say that its been a huge adjustment for you with the new baby and you would appreciate some time at the moment. Ask them if they’re open to coming at a time you’re more comfortable.

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Nope, I would feel the same way.

Your baby, your house. Don’t feel guilty

I have a family member that does carpet too ! Same thing happened but they didn’t come so I called in and held my nose gave my address to the secretary. And when the worker came out he was laughing. I used the name of my unborn daughter Mrs Brandi at that time.

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I would communicate what you just told us. Maybe that would help?

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So is this about carpet? You keeping the baby from them? Or COVID?

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Your baby, your house, your choice

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Don’t ever let anyone make you feel that you are keeping the baby from them you & your partner decided. You baby you home

I understand your reasoning completely. But does the carpet need to be replaced before your baby starts crawling? Because if it does in my opinion, I would still want them to come and replace the carpet, let them see the baby from a distance (6 ft is recommended but if they’re wearing a mask I’d allow 2-3 ft) then keep baby with you in a bedroom while they’re replacing the carpet. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t keep a newborn in the same room when carpet is being ripped up so now is not much different. And under normal circumstances you wouldn’t want someone who just ripped up carpet to hold your baby. So basically Covid or not you could reasonably social distance your baby while the carpet was being replaced. And you said it’s family member so they should still want to help you out whether they get to hold your baby or not.
And if bedrooms need to be done then stay in one bedroom until another is done then switch.
But honestly, if the carpet needs to be replaced, that can be more of a health hazard to your baby then having a family member replace the carpet. And I’m sorry they couldn’t do it when you wanted and I understand the frustration from that but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that they’re offering to do it at a discount for you since they’re family and if that’s true then maybe they needed the money from other jobs before they could get to you…


do not let people in

Frankly I would shampoo the carpets and not replace them until potty training is done. Then again i used cloth treating pants not pull ups.

No way at all. Stick to your feelings. It’s a stressful time and covid doesn’t help.

Nope you are doing the right thing

You are doing what needs to be done to keep your family safe…

Your baby is a gift from God, they are to be enjoyed by everyone, grow up mom

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No you aren’t wrong. The carpet smell wouldn’t be good for a baby much less the chaos it would involve.


Ask your pediatric professional about visitors due to covid and follow their medical recommendation. When the infant is older they can do the carpets.


No you are not wrong. They can come and do the carpets at a time that is convenient for you. Rather hire someone that you are not related to. Family only brings drama.