My family has offered to do my carpets and never did: Advice?

Your the mom, dont second guess yourself, its also flu season. This time of the year with a new baby, its always best to forgo introductions.


No you aren’t wrong. It takes alot of time to prepare a house to do the carpet. You were right in realizing the time it takes to care for an infant and that is your priority now. Also with Covid it’s a time to be extra careful. You are doing the right thing :clap:

No. Your not wrong. People should keep their word. Also, a newborn is susceptible to a lot and having a lot of people over can be bad. Especially doing work that. There can be dust and all kinds of things kicked up that can make the baby sick. I would just explain, probably again, that your not keeping them from the baby. Tell them when the baby gets 6 months or whatever time you think is appropriate then they can come do the carpet. Tell them they can come over and see the baby but not do the carpet, if your comfortable with that. My brother and SIL did not want any around my nephew when he was first born to protect him and that was fine. They didn’t really want anybody visiting when the virus was bad the first time and that was OK. Its your baby, your house, and your decision


You are NOT wrong. No one should be pressuring you. That baby and your health are far more important that their feelings.


You are not wrong. This should have been done before the baby was born and now especially with COVID having people over is not advisable. You are the mom and you do was you believe is in the best interests of you and your baby…


No, stand your ground. You protect you and yours however you see fit. You can turn it around on them and say that they waited until the baby was born to do the carpets to see the baby. Don’t let them push you around.


Your house, your choice. Family or not this is still a business transaction. You don’t owe anyone anything and I would not conflate the two things- getting your carpets done and being a good family member. Try to separate the business deal and family drama

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…NO you are being a good protective Mother. I’d have someone that agrees with you explain it to them. They should have followed through and cleaned the carpet before the baby came.

Keep your baby safe. There’s a pandemic out there. If some grown adult got their feelings hurt. That’s on them. Your responsibility is to your baby.

During a pandemic, you are definitely not wrong. People will say what they will say. Drop it and do what you feel is best for you and your baby.

I dont think this is even about getting the carpet done. It’s about you not getting things done when you wanted them done. I wouldn’t use the excuse that they didnt do the carpet when you wanted to keep them from seeing the baby. I would just keep my baby safe and they can face time the baby for now. Dont burn bridges. That baby will be crawling before long a d you will still need the carpet replaced. If they said they didnt care a out seeing the baby you would probably have your feelings hurt. Come on…offer pictures or face time for now and let them know you appreciate them caring.

Do what you feel is right fir you and your baby . It’s not the time for visits since infections are in the rise again .


Nope. You do what is best for you and your baby. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.


It depends, are you letting others come to the house, if so but don’t want them to do the carpet. Tell them the carpet can wait but you would be ok with a visit…if you are not letting others come see the baby. Then no, tell them and everyone else, that you are just being cautious. Also talk to your baby’s doctor about the risk for babies. I know my grandbaby was around family and came in contact with someone who ended up testing positive, and her doctor said her risk is so low and with her being breast fed and under a year even lower. But for you momma your risk is higher at least for a few weeks as your body is trying to heal. Just my opinion


No not at all, they should understand that every thing is so crazy and your just playing it safe, i dont go out except for staples i need and order out and pick up… if thats a problem, its theres not yours.

No the dust and debris would not be good for either of you…if just tell them the project was a priority before the baby got here…

Absolutely not COVID numbers are climbing and babies immune system needs to grow more


Smart mama.
I would say no way too.
Our neighbor had a new baby & peds doctor told them leave baby home for at least till it is two mouth old. If they are bored then take baby out for a car ride. The virus risk is just to great for a new born babies.

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Nope… interesting how they wait until the baby is born to want to do the carpets. Seems like they really just want to see the baby and it’s their excuse. And especially with covid cases raising, not worth the risk.


You are not wrong! You are being cautious, under the present circumstances!