My family has offered to do my carpets and never did: Advice?

Please don’t ever forget you’re the mom and whatever you say goes. Period. You can’t make everyone happy so focus on keeping your baby and you healthy. All it takes is one person to be asymptomatic and that’s it, so…

No you are not wrong
Stand tough. Take care of your baby and don’t worry about what they are saying.

Not wrong and when ripping up carpet means dust and fibers in the air. Defiantly no for baby to be around.

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Stick to your guns. You are correct. Nobody needs to be coming over right now.

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You are absolutely right. Now is not the time for visitors, for you or your baby

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I assume that your baby isn’t crawling around on the carpet yet?? Neither ripping up carpet or having visitors you don’t see or visit on a very regular basis is not wise, or safe for your baby. Explain that nicely, and assure them that you can’t wait for the day its safe to see them and show off the baby, and get that carpet in. In the mean time, keep sending them lots of pictures. As soon as its deemed safe by your pediatrician to have visitors and rip out old carpet, jump on their offer, because that baby will be crawling in the blink of an eye!!! Enjoy your bundle of joy, and follow those Mama instincts:-)

No , you have to protect and infant from all that could cause him harm


Carpets shouldn’t be cleaned around babies. I can stir up allergies etc

Cleaning the carpet? Its not a big deal. Just have them do the traffic patterns. Do it before the baby crawls.

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They don’t have to do the carpet right away, you could still have them over to see the baby tho. I’d let them do it when your ready before paying someone.

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If you are ok with them coming over to see the baby, tell them, invite them over and don’t mention the carpet.

Family of all people should understand what your worries are. Shame on them for not supporting your decision.

That’s abuse: gaslighting and manipulation. Hell no… and get your money back. Too late and too bad for them. Take care of you and yours. Professionalism and boundaries regardless.

NOPE!!! Tearing out old carpet distributes a LOT of dust, dirt and dead skin cells. NOT good for anyone less long a newborn to be inhaling!

Just ask them to do the carpet at a later time and share pictures and do face time during this time of covid-19 if they don’t understand then it’s on them just don’t cut them off.

You are the mother, you do what feels right!


Tell them you wanna take the carpet out and put tile in. See if they still wanna come over.

No you are not, your child’s daddy comes first.

Ripping up carpet or cleaning them??? If it’s bc of COVID then fine, otherwise let them come clean your carpet!

Who cares what anyone says! You put yourself and that baby first!