My family has offered to do my carpets and never did: Advice?

No, baby’s health comes first


My labor started while I was shampooing my carpets :rofl::rofl: damn pregnant woman ain’t helpless if they offered and didn’t do it so it ur self I got up on Easter morning at 7 started shampooing my bedroom moving my bed and all and contractions started at 8am had her at 3:32pm

No, you are not wrong.


Stand your ground, be clear, be kind and they will get over it.

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You be cautious!
There’s No way to undo it if you make a mistake.

no follow your instincts, keep your child safe.

nope, you are the boss in this situation

Your job is to protect your baby no matter who gets mad.

This is just way too dramatic. Say no and tell them why and be done with it. They may not have had time to do your carpet before now and that’s ok, and now you say no and that’s ok too. Keep the drama out of it.

With the COVID numbers I wouldn’t want people over! It seems like there are extenuating reasons for not doing the carpet! Lighten up on that! They didn’t have to do it!

Do whats best for you and your baby. They should have done it when you made the offer. Nows not a good time. Its ok to do whats best for your family

Your house, your baby and your rules.

No, you’re not wrong

With COVID going on…NO carpet for now and NO visitors.

Just have your carpets done by someone else
Then no hard feelings

Your baby… Your choice

No you are not wrong. Your baby, your decision.

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NO. NO. NO. You are not wrong.

Explain, with Covid, not a good time, laters better!!!