My family posts photos of my kid online against my wishes: Advice?

Public opinion? How do you feel about a family taking photos of your children and posting them when you told them not to on multiple occasions. I requested my child’s online identity to be hers when she comes of age. Shouldn’t she be given the right to control her likeness?


Wow. Another old story. Nobody cares!

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If you’ve made it clear then stop letting them take pictures all together. If they still do it stop going around them until they respect your wishes.


You must have an amazing life if this is your only problem lol.


Unless you don’t let them see her you can’t really control it. That being said I would remind them that you have asked them not to share.
My husband and I were paranoid about child abductions/pedophiles… but honestly, there is so many images online that I think it isnt a huge issue.

I’d say it depends. Are they a celebrity or public figure that hundreds, thousands or millions or strangers be seeing these pictures? Or are they just sharing them to their personal profiles where only their family and friends have access? And if that concerns you, maybe you should reevaluate who you let your child around to begin with, if you can’t trust their judgment to simply post pictures of something they care about.


Perhaps request they make sure they’re privacy settings aren’t public so it’s only shared with friends.

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Contact Facebook directly and they will remove them if you can prove it’s your child.


Her likeness :rofl: what is she a celebrity :roll_eyes:


SIMPLE SOLUTION… put the child in a closet


I have a family member who has this same request for her child. As a family we support her decision and don’t post any pics of her child. Talk to your family again, for the last time and let them know this is the LAST warning. To take your kids photos offline and stop posting them or not be allowed to be around your child. End of story. If they can’t respect your wishes you take the right to see your child away. It’s not a hard request to follow.

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It is basic Respect. If a mom doesnt agree with her childs face being on the internet then so it is !
I dont have to agree with it but it is not my place for judgement…this is Her way of protecting her Child.
RESPECT IS THE BARE MINIMUM , people will always make fun of other people until the things they see as important arent being heard or taken seriously.


Personally I’d report every single picture posted of my child that I did not consent to


You can’t control other people’s actions.

Tell them stop if they dont stop letting them around your kid.
I dont agree with you because its nice when other people are showing they love your child enough to be around them and they want to show everyone what they are proud of and love. BUT its not my kid so you do you. Your kid your rules

Your child, your rules. Enforce them. Simple as. Tell them they are not permitted to use your child’s pictures on social media and you’ll report them if they continue to do so :woman_shrugging:t4:

I mean you cant control what other people do. Eventually her pictures are going to end up on social media. There isnt anything you can really do about it. I would be more concerned about the location of the picture being publicly displayed on social media.

I’m not in contact with anyone besides my grandmother in my family. My mother, sister, everyone all post pics of her and badmouth me all over social media. They literally sent screenshots of my profile until I blocked them all. None of them can respect me and my boundaries then they are out.

We post pictures of our grandbabies buy tag their mommy and daddy in them

I don’t no mind. My kids are on my sister’s and my nieces and nephews social medias but my brother in laws ex girlfriend didnt want anyone posting pictures of her son on social media. I can respect that hes her son. I still take pictures when I see him but I dont post him.