My family tries to make me feel bad for staying home during the pandemic: Advice?

I’m so tired of being made to feel bad bc I want to stay home with my kid his grandma ( dads mom ) wants us to go to this decked out camper trick or treating event Tomorrow, I just want to stay home with my kid he’s two and bc of COVID I’m really trying to limit how much we go out am I really a bad person for this ( his dad and I aren’t together and he’s in daycare 5 days a week )


You do you. Stick to your guns.
No, you are not bad for doing that, you are a responsible mother and human being. THEY are wrong.


I feel like if he is already going to daycare, he is already exposed, so why not have a little fun. Keep your distance, where mask. :purple_heart:


You are definitely not a bad person! You are choosing your child’s health over everything, thats amazing and appropriate! … No one should make you feel bad for being a mama and protecting your child as you see fit. Even if it all turns out as ‘not quite as bad as we thought’ atleast you will know you did your mama job!


Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re a bad mother because you want to limit your and your son’s exposure as much as possible.


I’m over it. My kids are out being kids. Kids need it. Teenagers especially. #reopenschools

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You are right. The CDC and White House task force say we shouldn’t socialize with anyone outside of our household. The more you limit how many you socialize with the safer you are. School/day care are necessities and while there is some exposure it’s the same group of people each day. Social gatherings are not necessities.

You are very wise to limit the time you spend going to events.

2 years old stay home woman let them be pissed. They will get over it or die with it

Don’t go if you don’t want to.
Do you really care what someone else thinks?
If you do you got a lot of growing up to do.

I agree. You do you. No one has any right to make you feel bad about decisions that you feel are in your families best interest. If anything, our family and friends should be understanding and supportive.

We all need to deal with the situation in what ever makes us what makes you happy.

Don’t go feel bad because you want to sit home tell them to come over and have a little party with you and the kids and do something fun at your house.

He’s 2, he won’t remember staying home this year anyways.

Covid rates are UP. You have nothing to feel bad about. Do what you think is best for your child and don’t worry about everything or everyone else

Dont let someone make u feel bad for trying to be a good parent and protect your child from the virus. This is a very personal choice that everyone with children has to make. If you want to limit possible exposure and stay home then do it. Stick to your guns. You are the parent and it’s nobody choice but yours.

So he’s in daycare 5 days a week and that’s okay? But his dads family wants to do something with him and that’s not okay?


Do what you think is best its your life


He’s in daycare 5 days a week but you’re worried about an outdoor event… :joy::joy::joy: You’re dumb.


So he’s in daycare 5 days a week, but can’t go to an outdoor trick or treat event? :thinking: