My fiance denied our child after a fight: Advice?

I’m due in 2 weeks. My fiance told me while we were arguing that this ain’t his daughter and that he only has three daughters(from a previous relationship) I’m so lost. I don’t know what to do. It just keeps replaying in my head.


I can only speak for myself but he would need a medic!


Mind games- he’s extremely immature.


Leave then simple as that. He shouldn’t be giving u that type of stress.

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Is he accusing you of cheating?

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Prove it’s his. Then decide if you even want to stay around someone that could so easily say something like that during an argument.


Let him be and sit back things will change when you react that’s what he wants due extinction. Attitude adjustment

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Get up. Dust youself off.
Do some research on self improvement and abusive relationships

And call that mother duckers bluff.
You don’t need him. He does it now he’ll do it forever.
You don’t want that for you or your baby.


Seriously wtf…he still has his balls after saying that?!?
Don’t sit and stew, call that lil prick out girl!! If you are pregnant with his kid without a doubt place that bastard in his place!

Tell him to fuck off!

he only wants to claim his other kids but not yalls? fuck him!

Wow, seems like he’s trying to say and do anything to push your buttons and hurt you. Hope you know that’s not love. He knows it’s his kid he’s just being an ass. I’m sure when he cools off he’ll be singing a different tune. Very immature on his part

Leave him and then let him get a dna test to confirm it’s his. Then start the child support process :upside_down_face::joy:
Fuck him. He sounds like a shitty fiancé if that’s what he does when you argue.

Tell him goodbye. He doesn’t deserve you or ger


Just ignore him. He was trying to upset you by saying that after you’d fought. However if this behavior continues you mite want to consider taking some space from him. Jus saying


DNA test and then slap his ass with child support… you don’t need that kind of treatment

You need to talk to him about it. After everything is calmed down. If he really feels that way then you might need to rethink your future. I’d take him for child support and custody. If he says in court that the baby isn’t his, then he will have to get a dna test. Good luck, I’m really sorry.


Slam the door in his face because he cheating on ur ass

Don’t marry him… that’s for sure… you don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to love you child cuz there is nothing more important than the love of your baby. He doesn’t deserve you or the baby. Get out while you can, it’s the best thing you can do.


Get a DNA test when babe is born

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