My fiance gets angry when I do not tend to the baby fast enough: Advice?

How should I react to my fiance getting angry over me not getting to the baby fast enough? She is 12 days old and it’s my first child. Being a mom has been pretty rough, and it makes me feel worse when he gets angry at me,


Tell him to fucking do it if he is so fast

Why doesn’t he get off his ass and help too?

Tell him to do it if he thinks he can get there faster.


I’d be like then be useful and get your butt up then. :woman_shrugging:t2:


WHY isnt he doing it?

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Tell him to get off his ass. :woman_shrugging:t2: Thats my first thought. :joy:

Tell him to get the fuck up and do it himself then :woman_shrugging:

Hand her to him and say here you are you do better!!!

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Instead of him getting angry y don’t he get up and get the baby. Simple solution really


Is there something wrong with him because he can’t do shit

Tell him to get off his fuckin ass and help. He helped make the baby.

Im sure your doing great momma parenting doesn’t come with a manual :purple_heart:


So I assume he is disabled somehow or on the phone when he gets angry? I only assume that, because there must be no way that he can physically get to her for him to be angry at you!! :roll_eyes: Lord have mercy…More and more thankful for my husband every day.


If this is kind of an isolated thing—like he only has this response in this particular instance rather than all the time, and you’re constantly walking on eggshells all the time—It could be an anxiety response. Talk to him about it? If he’s just a jerk all the time, then you’ve likely got bigger problems.
Also, he should be helping. Baby is just as much his responsibility.


He laid down to make the baby too. He needs to get off his ass and tend to the baby too.

You’re still recovering from birth. They DO NOT understand what we go through. Tell him you’re doing the best you can and ask him to jump in and help when he can. He will adjust to the newness also. Hang in there mama! It gets easier!


Tell him you can pack up and leave with the baby real quick too.

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^same thought all these women feel…

Punch him in the freaking face next time he gets upset.