My fiance is overly protective about my pregnancy: How can I calm him?

I need advice I just found out I’m pregnant with my 4th. I’m a little scared but nothing unusual, however, this is my fiances 1st, and he’s a wreck. He’s stressing me out already he’s trying to change everything now I understand some things have to change. Still, he’s acting like he’s going to wrap me in bubble wrap and not let me move the whole pregnancy what some ways I can try to comfort his worries and assure him I can still do certain things are.


Take him with you to ob appointment and let the Dr reassure him that you’re healthy and capable of doing things.


I think the fact that it’s your fourth, he should realize you know what you can and can’t do from the other three pregnancies. Just remind him this isn’t your first pregnancy and you’ve got this


Awe. Coming from the opposite of this… enjoy it for a bit. Not every man is this protective.
Just reassure that you can snd will do certain things. Doing absolutely nothing is just as bad as doing too much!

Congrats! :hugs::hugs:


Explain to him that pregnant women aren’t handicapped. Take him to an ob appointment if you can and let the doctor explain what limitations you have so he understands. Unless you high risk you can usually continue what you did before pregnancy as far as working, exercising, ect. Staying fit and maintaining muscle tone during pregnancy is actually very important because it helps you tremendously during labor.

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Maybe he’s has a loss before and doesn’t know how to show he cares. Communication is key before you think he’s just trying to control. I have a friend who suffered a pregnancy loss and it still affects him, he really wanted that baby even though they broke up and is no longer with her it’s still sad. He got mad at his GF too who actually had his baby now because he didn’t understand some things, but just communicate and yeah Dr appointment if at all can help.

Remind him you’ve done this 3 times before and you’re fine. Tell him to back off alittle.

Hes just excited an nervous. Maybe have a sit down an have a deep conversation. Your 4th means you know what your doing. Eventually he will get it I’m sure. But it is understandable.

Tell him this ain’t your first rodeo and he needs to calm down. You’re not fragile, sick, or broken, you’re just pregnant!

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Talk to him see what he might be afraid of

Maybe he can listen in on a phone call to your ob as many places aren’t allowing more than one person in at a time?x

Call ur ob and have him talk to him. Inform ur fiance that it’s ur doctor and that he can tell him what u can and can’t do. And when you do something ur not meant to be doing he can say something to u

Girl, I’m on my 4th as well and my husbands 4th, and he is almost doing the same lol. He won’t let me lift heavy stuff or carry the kids. But I’m enjoying it. I finally get to relax :joy:

Im like this myself when I am pregnant and Ive had 2 kids, even with friends. I just got on my beat friend for trying to walk a few blocks in a 105 degree weather while 24 weeks prego… just let him help you, dont feed into it, and have the doctor talk to him about does n donts during pregnancy. My bestie just lets me talk and help. She understands I care and worry without feeding into my craziness

Please make it special for him. And although you can tell him to trust you, don’t say “I’ve done this 3x already” as it will diminish the special moment. I’m telling you from experience. Just be patient, educate him, and let him be your protector


I don’t think I have any advice.
I just have to say your a better woman then I, cause man that would get on my last Nerve so fast that it make your head spine. That and I’d be telling him not so nicely to bugger off. Lol :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Sounds like my babe :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I’d rather have my man act like that than getting drunk every night and not giving a hoot about anything that had to do with me lol

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Tell them basically the golden rule. “If you did it before you were pregnant” you can do it while your pregnant. Aka if you ran 5 miles a day. You can still do that. Obviously this rule doesnt apply to things like drinking and such but its a good rule of thumb for everyday activities.

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It may not be your first but it is his. Go back to when you had your first. Your feelings worries an thoughts. How did your support around you try to comfort you an help you? Lots of blogs are good to follow. As others stated. Try to have him at any appointments hes available so the doc can assure him of his concerns an worries. Your first is a magical time but makes you a nervous wreck hahaha. Its understandable an it’s also annoying as hell. I get where your coming from. Just try to research things together an talk. Actually talk get him to tell you what an why so you can approach it better an on gentle terms for him etc. Good luck an I wish you the best:):slight_smile: